need help deciding - botkier vs. ko.des

  1. I am in the market for a beautiful new bag to add to my (small) collection! I am deciding between 3 different bags:

    1. botkier black rose hobo in metallic plum -

    2. botkier bryant satchel in gray -

    3. ko.des convertible bag in light grey -

    What do you think? I love botkier and have 2 of them already (medium bianca satchel in cherry and lola hobo in electric blue) and I've just recently heard about ko.des and don't know much about them. The ko.des is definitely a bit less expensive, but the quality and beauty of botkier is worth the higher price. Any comments on the metallic leathers from botkier? Do they damage easily? Are they as beautiful as the regular, super-soft lambskin bags?

    Thanks so much for your help!!!! :flowers:
  2. [​IMG]


    i like the black rose, but i like this style more :
  3. I love the 2nd Botkier...that charm is the best...

    I also love the color and Botkier is amazing IRL!

    Welcome to TPF! Be prepared to get addicted!!
  4. I just got the Botkier Bryant satchel and it's wonderful. You can't go wrong there. The leather is soft and smooth and smooshy, the size is perfect and the elephant charm is adorable.
  5. Thanks for your help!!! I am leaning toward the botkier Bryant satchel in gray, but now I am also considering the botkier cleo satchel in smoke - the only problem is that on, where they have the 20% discount code, the satchel isn't available in the smoke color. NM does have it in smoke but no discount! What's a girl to do?!:confused1: [​IMG]
  6. Nordstrom had the bryant on sale last week. You should call your store and ask the SA to order it for you. It was like $350!
  7. WOW! Thanks for the tip - I'll have to call NM and see what I can find out!!
  8. If you do a search (I think it was for the Botkier metallic Rose bag) you'll find several tpfers making the comment that the metallic leathers are NOT as soft and yummy as the regular Botkier leathers - and thus some of them returned the bag. So, if you're looking for yummy - stay away from the metallic.
    Good luck....and by the way, love the look of the satchel....but cannot shoulder carry, yes????
  9. thanks chelsbelle - i guess i got my "n" stores mixed up! :smile:

    dcblam - thanks for the advice on metallics - i read that too. i'm afraid the glazed, crinkled leather of the cleo might lack yumminess too. and satchels do often fit on the shoulder - my botkier bianca (medium) works great. here are a couple of pics of the cleo and bryant carried on the shoulder:

    [​IMG] the cleo satchel is the lighter colored one - kind of works on the shoulder.

    [​IMG] seems ok to me!
  10. I actually tried the bag on and it fit just fine on my shoulder! I loved it and had i not gotten the RM MA i would have gotten the Bryant.
  11. I absolutely love the rose in plum, it's such a beatiful bag!
  12. ok, so I decided on the botkier bryant satchel in gray AND a ko.des convertible in dark green!!:p
  13. Getting BOTH is always the best solution!! :p We'd love to see pics when you get them...?
  14. I'm one who returned the metallic plum rose satchel...I hated the leather. The bag's cute, but I felt I paid too much for leather that felt like pleather. I have never heard of the 3rd brand, but I love that bag!