Need help deciding..... Black GH City or Marine City *pics*


Which one to keep?

  1. '06 Marine City

  2. '07 Black GH City

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  1. So- I know these two bags are totally different, some people like the GH some don't, some say go for the classic black and some, like me, are all about the blues!

    So, based on these pics (which REALLY throws off the true dark color of Marine which is dark blue) which one would you keep? One is an '07 black and the blue is an '06. I bought them off of eBay recently and am :drool: just looking over at the chair they are on right's just really sad that one of them has to go. :sad: believe me DH is making this happen no matter how hard it is. In my bbag world these two would have been both worn today, one in the AM and one in the PM! lol!! Yep- I'm a bag nut!

    I gotta say it is truly amazing holding $2,500+ worth of bags in one arm.... I can only imagine how it feels at BalNY!!! :p
  2. [​IMG]



  3. i vote for black GH city! love GH!
  4. Marine City is so pretty!!!!!
  5. I just noticed in the third pic that the tassles are sorta hugging each other.... lol~ toooooo bad they couldn't both stay!
  6. If it's '06 it's not Marine.... could it be Blueberry?
  7. oooohhhh~~ I'm so silly! I thought it was an '06 but I just loooked at the tag and it says 2007 and then a 1

    my giddiness is to blame for my mistake~ :nuts:
  8. Oh well, whatever the color -I voted for "the blue one." ;) The leather on it is beautifully smooth!!

    purplekicks, she doesn't need encouragement to buy a new one; her husband might have to come hunt you down. ;)
  9. After seeing both bag, I voted for the blue because the leather is more to my liking. Also, I am a sucker for a beautiful blue bag because that is what drove me to buy my first Bbag.
  10. I went with the GH black city, it just screams WOW!
  11. tough decision.. too bad you can't keep both, LOL. I say keep the black city, it looks great with the GH.
  12. I love the black GH city. I say keep it!!
  13. Between blue and black, I will almost always choose black. It's so elegant and versatile! And with the GH, it can be dressed up OR down! Keep the black GH!!!!

  14. Yes yes yes- I agree that if the two mated your bag would pop out b/c in bbag world GH is a dominant trait... lmao- I sooo miss bio right now! :roflmfao:

    and yessam~ I f'in love your bag!!!!! :nuts: