Need help!! deciding between damier saleya, marais, parioli

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  1. I need an everyday bag. Something that I can carry to work, shopping, weekends, etc. I want it to hold wallet, keys, phone, day planner, maybe a small book, small bottle of water, video ipod, small lotion, comb, maybe a small umbrella. I am pretty petite...5'1 118 pounds. My thoughts, what I have heard:

    saleya pm: I have heard that the straps are not long enough to carry on shoulders if you have on a coat (is this true for all people, or does it depend on your size) I live in a place a winter coat is a MUST, so I need something to fit over a coat!

    saleya mm: I wonder if this will over power my frame, how much larger is it compared to the pm

    marais: I like the bag, but I'm not to fond of the open bag it still really a big problem for people

    parioli: I have heard a few people returned it b/c of cracking on the handles, have a lot of people experienced this, is this something that happens to all damier bags

    I'm looking for everyones thoughts on these bags...good and bad.
  2. I used to own a Parioli and although it's a beautiful bag ,the straps were a bit stiff and it always slipped off my shoulder. Now, I have the Saleya PM and it has been my everyday bag, esp. this rainy season. It does fit my shoulder w/o a jacket but it really is best when it's handheld. It's more than enough room for me. The Saleya MM is a bigger bag and might have longer straps.

    It's best to try all these styles in your nearest LV boutique. Hope you find the right bag for you.
  3. I have a parioli and I love cracking straps, but I have heard other owners complain about it poking them and it is pretty stiff on the top corners...other than that though it is a terrific bag that holds a ton of stuff...
  4. Do you have any pics with the bag on your shoulders??
  5. Oooh the Saleya is one of my fav topics!!! I love mine, I have the MM, people have remarked that it's big, but I don't think so although I am 5'11'' and only carry big bags! The GM is massive, although I love that one too! The GM is definitely the best on your shoulder, the MM is OK but not with a thicker jacket, that's my only complaint re the MM I wish the straps were a tad bit longer, and the PM is of course hand-held only, well for the most part. the shape is very functional for me, it's like the Longchamp totes, you can get a ton in it. It's a very stylish tote, I love mine and get tons of compliments! Make sure to let us know what you get!
  6. I like the Marais the best, I think an open top bag is something that bothers everyone at first but once you get used to it I really don't think it's that big a problem. I have the a small Chanel tote which is more of a bucket size and it didn't bother me after a while.

    As far as the cracking handles I would say that it might be have to do with the climate you live in. Here it's super dry so there are alot of problems with wood cracking, but I've seen leather do it to if it's not taken care of.
  7. How do you take care of the leather??
  8. I'm not to sure about the damier becaue I don't own any of it, maybe one of the other girls can help you out. It might just be something as simple as someone leaving it in their car to bake in the sun, or some other kind of neglect.
  9. Hey red_1980!!!

    I started a thread regarding the damier saleya pm. do a search for "damier saleya pm." tomato_juice has the damier saleya pm. she's petite like you, about 5'3", and she has a picture of her wearing the bag. It looks great on her. :P
  10. I'd go for the's more funtional than all of the others, and has a closed top too...

  11. No, I don't, sorry....
  12. i like the saleya pm it is so classie.
  13. If none of those options work, you could also SO a Cabas Mezzo in damier (I'd suggest a Piano but it may not be big enough for what you want to carry). I *think* they might do the Babylone, but don't quote me on that. I'm 100% sure about the CM/CP.