Need help deciding between Damier Azur Felicie or Favorite

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  1. Please help me decide between the Damier Azure Felicie or the Favorite. I like that the Felice is something different and comes with the card case and the pouch. I am concerned that it won't fit my necessities. Keys iPhone lipstick compact and sunglasses. I also wish it came with a wrist strap. The favorite has more room but I am concerned that the magnetic closer will not be as strong once I fill it up with a small Wallet glasses lipstick compact and keys. Can anyone tell me their experience with either one or both ?
  2. I have both and imo the favorite has more room. Also, i haven't had any issues with the magnetic closure. Good luck and keep us posted on what you decide!
  3. I have the Favorite PM and love it. Plenty of room for phone, small wallet, and sunglasses. I also find it really versatile, because it can be causal with the cross-body strap (I've worn it to theme parks this way), or more dressy with the short chain strap.
  4. Felicie is pretty thin, not really going to hold a lot. Go with the Favorite, you'll actually be able to put things in it. I love the Felicie but just cannot buy it because it won't hold hardly anything. I don't even think my key fobs would fit because of how thin it is.
  5. I have the favorite pm in DE. So far so good...Ill tell you after 6 mos what I think again! I love that it looks sturdy and versatile. Its just a little high maintenance
  6. I have the Favorite MM in Azur and love it. It fits all of my necessities (I downsize to smaller SLGs when using this bag) and I have had no issues with the magnetic flap. I wipe it down with a baby wipe after wearing.
  7. The favorite will def fit more and the Felicie can fit all that you mentioned except for your sunnies. I'm also worried of the favorite magnetic closure not being strong enough, especially if the bag was turned upside down accidentally. But it DOES seem pretty secure.