Need help deciding between bags from Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale

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  1. I've been wanting a new handbag for quite some time that's dressy enough for work but also versatile enough to wear out and on weekends. I also have a requirement that it can't be too heavy - I have a Ted Baker bag that I love that's started giving me shoulder pain if I use it too much. Here's what I'm debating on and would love thoughts or other recommendations.

    Cole Haan Contrast Piped Hobo - Saw this in the store and loved the size and versatility. The strap can be lengthened to wear across the body or made into shoulder length. Worried it might be too casual for what I want. I've never owned a Cole Haan Before.
    Cole Haan Contrast Piped Hobo - Handbags - Nordstrom

    I'm normally not a fan of Kate Spade and have never owned one of her bags but I'm draw to the Jordon, croc tote. I love both the black and the blue. Any thoughts? Is croc too trendy?
    kate spade 'jordan' vertical tote (nordstrom exclusive) - Handbags - Nordstrom

    Kate Spade Delano - I'm scared of white but have been eyeing this bag. Zappos has it in chocolate brown but it's still full price.
    kate spade 'delano - serena' hobo - Handbags - Nordstrom

    Thanks for any opinions or thoughts. :biggrin:
  2. I really love the Cole Haan and the croco Kate Spade. I personally do not own a bag from either one of these brands. I do believe that both brands make quality handbags. I love the feel of the leather on Cole Haan bags. I do not think the croco is too trendy at all. Also, I love the zipper detail on the Cole Haan bag...really cute! Hope this helps you.:smile:
  3. Of the three I prefer the Cole Haan. I like the last Kate Spade but white bags are just a magnet for destruction for me so I wrote it off. If it was in another color like brown, Id probably be torn between 1 and 3...
  4. definitely the cole haan!
  5. I love the Kate Spade 'Jordan'! It definately perfect for work plus it looks roomy enough if you need to carry alot of stuff.
  6. #2:smile:
  7. I think my vote's for the Cole Haan too, though the croco Kate Spade runs a close second! The white Kate Spade looks like it would be a nightmare keeping clean.
  8. I vote for the Cole Haan first...second vote is for the black croco KS. The blue is pretty, but I think that the black is more useful -- and I wouldn't worry about the croc being too trendy, as that is a very classic-looking bag with clean lines. HTH! :smile:
  9. I vote for the Kate Spade Jordan croc tote! :tup:
  10. Thanks for the votes everyone! I've decided on the Cole Hann in black for sure. I also just got a notice about the BillionDollarBabes Tate sale. I couldn't resist the Palmer Tote and also found an extra $25 off coupon. I've heard amazing things about Tate bags. Can't wait to get it and the Cole Hann in the mail. :yahoo:
  11. Cole Haan!
  12. Love the Cole Haan! If I hadn't just gotten my Toscani, I would get that purple CH. I have an orange Cole Haan and LOVE it. It was my summer bag last year and also this year until I just got the Toscani.
    Here's my orange CH.

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  13. cole haan!
  14. Jordan!
  15. for work I would say the kate spade jordan in black, its really nice ! :smile: