Need help deciding Balenciaga Day or Fendi Baby Spy???


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  1. I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to do and in danger of making an irrational choice, need my understanding fellow bag lovers to talk some sense in to me!

    I bought a Fendi Baby Spy from Harvey Nichols sale at an amazing price, i've always wanted one, but i've recently had a baby and i've found it difficult to juggle a hand held bag with a pram and all the other bits that come with having a baby! But it is a beautiful bag and this will be my only opportunity to own one as i'd never be able to afford it full price.

    But i've found a great deal on a Balenciaga Day Hobo another bag i've had my eye on for a while in the colour i want. It's big slouchy fits over the shoulder and holds a tonne - probably a more practical 'mommy' bag that i would use everyday.

    Do i let go of my beautiful beloved Fendi Spy and get the practical and desired Balenciaga??? :confused1:

    I really don't want to sell my Fendi but the Balenciaga would be used and loved everyday.

    Another option would be to sell my Chloe Silverado but i don't think this would sell very quickly.

    Please do not PM me about buying - its against tPF rules and i will not respond - just opinions please!
  2. To be honest with you i would get a cheap functional fun 'mummy' bag that you don't mind getting covered in mud, vomit, baby food, sticky finger marks etc etc and keep your beloved fendi baby spy bag.
    Personally i don't use my 'good' designer bags when I'm out with the kids as i hate the idea of a £££ bag being trashed by my 3 hooligans ( I have 3 boys 5 and under)- but that's just me!
  3. I voted for the Day. I can't deal with a handheld bag when I'm with my baby.
  4. How funny, those are my next anticipated purchases. I voted for the Day, it is more practical overall. However, I agree with flyvetjo that you maybe you should just get a cheaper baby bag and keep the baby spy. Even if you want designer, Kate Spade makes some baby bags that are not so expensive.
  5. Looks like the votes are saying it all!

    I voted for the Day too. Not only because I am a Balenciaga fan but I think it is more practical.
  6. I have a baby spy and as much as I love that bag, it really isn't practical and it really drives me crazy sometimes that it doesn't fit on my shoulder. The shape of it is a little awkward sometimes too. I would honestly go for the Bal Day. Bal leather is just as soft and wonderful as the spy leather but lighter and the Day will fit so much more and be so much more practical to use.:yes:
  7. Thanks everyone, there i was thinking over some lunch i'll keep the Spy but now i'm back to thinking about the Day again!! :nuts:

    I'm thinking is it a waste having a bag sitting in the wardrobe for special occassions when i could use the money to buy a bag i would use everyday?
  8. I do not have kids...yet, but I know that when I do have them I will still want the trendy bags...for me since I am so obsessed, I would say keep the Fendi and still go places with it with the baby and have a diaper bag in the stroller for when you need it. But if that won't work either, I would say keep the Spy, those are hard to come by at a good price, and get a cheaper baby bag. (Kate Spade does make some really cute diaper bags!)

  9. Obviously I can't answer that question for you, but I will tell you that my baby spy only comes out of the closet maybe once or twice a month - definitely not one of my more frequently used bags. But if you really love it, you could do like others have suggested and get a cute, cheaper diaper bag for everyday use.
  10. After becoming a mommy almost two years ago, I have sold my handhelds because I just never used them...instead I reach for slouchy carry-alls like my Bal City. I would say keep the Bal Day b/c it's just more practical- yet still cool & beautiful. You would hate to have a bag that just sits there...and you can treat yourself to a baby spy later (deals always come around)!
  11. the day is great! it's very easy to sling over your shoulders and would fit your daily life better imo.
  12. Wow, maybe you all have neater kids than I had, but there is no way I would have hauled my kids around with ANY kind of designer purse in tow. I'm pretty picky about my bags, and would not want to stuff bottles and cheerios and baby food into them, nor would I want to have spit up or sticky baby fingers on the outside of the bags. I'd keep the baby spy, and buy a nice, cheap, easy to clean diaper bag for your other needs. Before you know it, you're kids will be grown and you'll wish you had that little spy bag. Just my two cents...
  13. I'm with you kathy K. Our kids are obviously similar!!!
  14. The Day would make a much better "mommy" bag than a baby Spy.
  15. I see that you lusted after the Spy, so it would be such a pity to let it go away, I think you'd regret it. If I were you, I'd keep the Spy to use when you go out without the kid and I'd buy a cheap but more practical diaper bag where you can stuff all the things you need for your baby.