Need help deciding ASAP!

  1. Which ones?

    They are both similar...and am buying them both in the same color.
    First shoe has a narrower rounded heel, second has a wider and squarish heel.

    070386212b9513a.jpg 070386212c9974a.jpg
  2. I like the first one!
  3. I like the second pair better
  4. second, the clunky heal is in and it matches better with the other characteristics of the shoe.
  5. How about getting the first pair in brown since the color is richer and the second pair in black, since the stitching and heel style is hot right now. To tell you the true I really like both, so I would chose one from each style.
  6. i like the first pair! :smile:
  7. I like the buckle size on the first pair the best.

    I like them alot; I would buy the first pair in a NY minute.
  8. i like no. 1 :amuse: