need help deciding about MAM in wine

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  1. hi everyone...

    i need help deciding whether or not to get the MAM in wine or another color...for those of you who own the MAM in wine or other colors what would you recommend...i want a bag that can be worn through all seasons with many diff outfits and i think the MAM in wine does that...any thoughts or opinion would be very much appreciated!!!!:yes:
  2. I think it would be a year-around color, unless you wanted to brighten things up for Spring/Summer.

    Otherwise, I'd say go for it. Where have you found a wine MAM?
  3. Oh, I just recently fell inlove with this color (I know!) but that will have to wait as I just purchased 2 RM's this week :crybaby:
  4. The mam in wine is stunning! The leather is wonderful too!
  5. Wine is divine!
  6. As you'll see, I think all the ladies agree that the Wine is one of the best! It's one of the most coveted colors...

    And I just got my Wine MAM today and the leather is TDF! You'll love it, as everyone here does! :yes:
  7. thanks everyone for all your comments and help...rachiebabes would you mind posting a picture of your MAM in wine?
  8. Awww yay! you got your MAM? :yahoo:Finally! Where are the pics??? :P