NEED HELP!! decided NOT to buy Botkier Bianca, cant decide if that was right or wrong

  1. :confused1: ugh so ive made this decision not to get the bianca!......and i cant decide if it was a good idea

    my friend can get it for me from the store she works at for a pretty good price, like 40% off which is awsome

    but i havent seen the bag in person and my friend (who i trust for the most part hehe) she said that she looks at it every day and isnt fully impressed by it,
    she said she thinks its really cute,, but for a black bag (cause i would get black) that it was a lot to spend .,, she said it just didnt scream amazing and that it kind of screamed a trend,,

    plus i just got the botkier essex which i think is really different with the big horn on the front and whatnot, and she said she felt that was much more beautiful,,,,,

    now i dont know what to do for now ive decided NOT to get it, ugh but i dont want to regret it!!! help! what do you guys think?? am i crazy not to get it,,,, or AH dont know what to do!
  2. btw here is the bag i passed on,,,
  3. I love it and have read lots of positive reviews about it. It's on my list of purchases for this year.
  4. Wow you can get for 40% off?? Get it! Its a totally different bag then what you have. If your still thinking about it means you probably really want it.
  5. I think you should go take a look at the bag in person and then decide. You've been wanting it for a while, so you would regret it if you didn't at least take a look at it. I know you trust your friend's opinion, but your taste may be different from hers. I think 40% off is a great deal! I would definitely get it!
  6. :smile: thanks baby k you are right i have had my eye on it for a while!! I am going to go tomorrow or wed. and take a look @ it, since she can get it tranferred from any of their locations i dont think all like 10 stores are going to run out right away hehe
    you are right i def, need to check it out myself

    ugh now im thinking i want it again haha

    but i was thinking i could save the $$ and make a trip up to woodbury commons,,, but i can save it again!

    you ladies have me thinking i cant pass up such a good discount!
  7. I just got one last week and carried it for the first time yesterday. Went back to the store and bought one in white too. :shame:

    Here's what I love about it:
    • It's a very functional bag, with the pockets on the outside and inside (a must for me)
    • The leather is wonderfully buttery soft, yet feels substantial
    • For me, this bag is the perfect combination of slouchy and structured. It's soft enough to be very comfortable to wear, yet structured enough that you don't have to dig around inside to find your stuff.
    The sales associates said this is one of their best-selling bags, and that everyone who buys one loves it. I'd say if you can get one for 40% off, go for it!
  8. I recently got the bag in white/ivory color and LOVE IT~!! The leather feels sooo soft and the bag is very functional~!
    40% off?? Definitely a MUST BUY~!
  9. Or you can wait for a lil while becos botkier always gets on sale at nm. The thing is you might not get the right color or they will be out of stock later.
  10. The price is the only thing preventing me from buying a Bianca. At 40% off, that baby would be mine!!! :nuts: Go check it out, I'm sure you'll love it.
  11. Very pretty slouchy bag...I say get can't argue with a 40% discount!!! :nuts:
  12. i'm with gee.....if i could get a bianca at 40% off, i'd buy two - one to keep and one to eBay! LOL...

    it's a great bag - i'm VERY impressed by the quality of the leather for the price. and if you've wanted one for a long time, why are you letting yourself be talked out of it now?? whenever i let that happen, i always regret it.

  13. Good idea!
  14. thank you soooooooooooo much ladies!!!!! you totally convinced me i was being crazy not to get it, and i went today and BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!! yaaay!!!! and i am sosososossoso happy i did its beautiful i love the gunmetal color its so fun that its black but a little sparkly!!!

    AND it was 50% OFF!!!!!! hehe how could i ever say no to that!! yay for friends in amazing stores : )
    SOOO here she is my newest baby!

    thanks again sosososso much EVERYONE for helping make my decision i am so happy i asked you guys!
  15. Congrats! Great bag!