need help decide a white flap

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  1. which one? a 227 dark white reissue from several seasons ago, or a med classic white flap? so hard to decide, need your input. Thx!
  2. medium classic, but i'm not a reissue fan
  3. Medium classic. Great day into evening bag and it it big enough for a day bag if yor are not one of those who has to carry everything with you (like I do)
  4. I don't even carry "everything" with me and I'm kind of finding the m/l flap to be too small! My wallet is quite big (short, but thick), though. I only carry my wallet, keys, and phone with me in the flap, and I'm finding that it's a little hard to get in/out of. Let's just say they're a tight fit.

    As for the Jumbo, I LOVE IT! It's so easy and it's roomy. It definitely makes a statement. My white Jumbo with gold hardware is on its way. I recommend it!
  5. Med classic is much easier to maintain.
  6. Definitely medium classic.
  7. why is this?

  8. I was assuming it was a medium white CAVIAR flap, which you have the option with the med. flap. The white reissue is calfskin and is prone to dirty and some color transfer after regular use.