Need help - dealing w/moods - venting

  1. I'm about 17.5 weeks, which is supposed to be that second trimester "golden period." For the last week, I've been super cranky, emotional, and on edge. It feels much like it did really early when I was a nutcase but was still testing negative on the HPTs because it was too early. DH is annoying me even when he's being sweet, and I know it's just me, nothing to do with him. I've been snapping at people at work, and heaven help the poor bratty teenager on her cell phone who cut in line in front of me yesterday. Most of the time I can remind myself that it's all in my head and not say anything, though I did have a breakdown on my poor hubby one night last week.

    I know part of it is stress. My company is going through a big re-org right now and I'd guess somewhere around 10-15% of the company will lose their jobs. My boss has a new position and I'm already doing work for him in that role, though I have to officially apply when the job gets posted next week. I wrote the job description, though, so I have a bit of an inside track. I'm also waiting for my amnio results, which I had Tuesday. We're not letting ourselves look at baby stuff, pick out names, etc. till we get those back. Finally, I have an auto-immune disease where the antibodies in my body can attack the baby and cause fetal heart block, so I've just started into the weekly screening period for that. I'm looking at weekly heart monitoring for the rest of the pregnancy, plus OB visits, plus regular ultrasounds since I'm also at risk for IUGR (and preterm delivery and pre-eclampsia.) DH has been gone all weekend and is now on his way to Nashville for a couple of days, which also doesn't help (or maybe the time alone will help, I dunno).

    So, anyway, I get why it's happening, sort of (hormones + stress), but I'm stuck about what to do about it. Anyone have suggestions? I exercise about 5 days a week, so that's probably not it. Prenatal massage so far is eh. Do I just tell everyone I'm cranky and suck it up? What do you do when you feel like you're going to bite everyone's head off even though they haven't done anything? Please, please, tell me I'm not the only one who feels like this. I'm hoping I'll go back to normal soon, but I feel bad for the people around me in the meantime. Thanks for any help!!!
  2. sometimes when my hubby tries to be sweet the truth is i really feel irritated. i've got to remind myself that it's my hormone doing stuff and so do Not snap at him. i'm glad that at times like these my brain is acting faster than my mouth.
  3. Thanks Petrina -- you're just about a week behind me, so maybe there's some sort of crankiness surge around now. Hopefully it will pass soon. I've been reminding myself that it's me, not him, and not saying anything most of the time, but I'd just like to stop being irritated instead!!
  4. u are welcome :smile:. take care!
  5. You are not alone. I mean I had cranky spells during my pregnancy , but I just gave birth a weeka ago and my hormones are changing so fast that I think I am losing my mind right now. Every little thing sets me off and makes me cry. I mean It's my birthday and my DH hasn't even said anything. I think he forgot. And I'm really mad. It's ruind my day!! I can't wait till my hormones start to even out again and I can be functional!!!
  6. Oh no! Poor you arireyes! I'm sorry that your DH didn't celebrate your birthday with you. I hope he had a great surprise for you last night after you posted. A very happy belated birthday to you!

    I seem to be a little less moody today, so hopefully it's passed. I do, however, have a migraine that I got yesterday, but I guess if I had to pick, I'd pick the headache...
  7. I wish. Yesterday was just bad. He admitted that he totally forgot. Which in my hormonal state, made me really upset. Today I do feel much better though. Maybe things are tapering off! And I would take the headache too, although migraines are no fun by any means!
  8. I hope our improved moods hold for both of us! I think venting here helped me quite a bit as well, so thanks to you guys for listening.
  9. When I was preggo and feeling really snappy, I would just apologize to everybody before hand.

    When you are not preggo anymore, my mother suggests vitamin B12. I think thats it. I'll call her tomorrow to make sure. She said she would just feel really mad all the time...for no reason. Then she found that taking this vitamin really helped.

    Boy, my emotions were CRAZY right after I had the baby. I'm so glad that my hormones are back to normal. That was sooo not fun.

    arireyes - if my husband forgot my birthday, I'd be really hurt. And if I had just given birth to his baby a week even worse. I hope he makes this up to you with diamonds!!! BTW, congrats on the new baby!