Need Help... =D

  1. hi guys i wonder anyone of you here use yr BIG LV bag to carry your dog to shopping mall? cos normally when u use those normal dog carrier the mall security wont let you in or even when u r in the bus/train which is nt allow... plus a LV dog carrier 40/50 is beyond my budget... so i wonder anyone here use their large bag to carry their dog ? Can Neverfull GM carry a dog in it or a regular noe ? cos i gonna adopt a small jack russell frm my fren :flowers: any other suggestion would be appreciate... :p
  2. I've seen pics of TPF'er with their dogs in the NEVERFULL GM. U look chic so does the dog. Ha!
  3. thanks chpwhy:smile: i guess i have to give it a try with my neverfull GM...haha:yes: i saw someone on the street at orchard road using a regular noe to put the dog in it...well i can borrow it from my mum lol:p
  4. I think a dog would fit inside a Neverfull GM. However, I think he'd be a lot more comfortable being inside a Neverfull GM rather than in a Noe.
  5. Yeah I think a GM would be more comfortable for the doggy. On a side note, aren't Jack Russells super hyper? Not sure if it's good for them to travel around in a carrier for long, especially if you'll be spending some time shopping.
  6. thanks John5, i guess i give it a try :tup: with my neverfull GM:p
  7. haha agree i guess sumtime it will stick out it's head to look around i hope the neverfull Gm is dog frenly
  8. ...or maybe he just might be happier at home where he can run around and stuff?
  9. maybe:yes: haha i guess i have to put all my lv bag on top of the shelve if not :crybaby:all my lv bag will be gone lol...cos they'r hyper active:smile:
  10. how cute! I wish I had a dog so I can carry him/her in a neverfull. those bags are super sturdy too.