need help! could you please give me some info about authentic M by MJ clothes

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  1. I bought a pair of jeans a while back (on ebay) and this seller was/is selling a lot of M by MJ clothes, so I thought it was safe. I am not sure now, back then I didn't know tPF, so no place to authenticate.... anyway, it is too big now (yay, I guess) so I want to resell but don't want to sell a fake one (just in case it is). What i want to know of those that own authentic m by mj jeans - can you tell from the zipper (like with the bags) whether it is authentic? could you PM me what it says on your zipper (like Lampo etc)? that would be great! I posted a pic of a current auction with the same jeans in the authenticate this but it seems no one knew - so I thought I could try it this way. I hope this is ok...
  2. can anyone help me? i would really appreciate it.
  3. i duno. take it to a dept store that sells mbymj or mbymj store if you have one to compare
  4. I'm sure people would help you if they could, but this area is mainly for bags. Have you tried posting in the The Wardrobe section? They might be able to help you out. Good luck!!
  5. ^ thanks. yes i have tried in the authenticate this - I will ask a mod to move it there. I guess I posted here bec sometimes we were referred to the designer forum. hah - problem is that no one sells M by MJ around here, close to me. but excellent idea, hadn't thought of that. thanks again for your help!
  6. i should add: dear mod, could you possibly move this for me to the wardrobe section? I don't want to double-post. thanks!
  7. I have a pair of mbmj jeans in storage (they're scribbled graffiti print so I rarely find a way to wear them) but I'll try to look this weekend.