Need help! Colour transfer on oak bays!

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  1. Ladies I need all the help I can get!!

    Colour transfer from new jeans on my oak nvt bays!! It's on the back and most visible on one of the corner's and also the stitching (and the whole back of the bag...)

    What to do?? Will Baby whipes help? Contact mulberry? Send it off to a bag repair company? What can I do?

    (will make pics tomorrow, just found out)
  2. i've found collonil gel has taken off jeans transfer off some of my other bags before. it's removed dirt marks off my oak bays, so hopefully it might work? a little bit should do
  3. Hi Sterre,
    Try Collonil Gold Premium! It's a great polisher. You can get it at Van Arendonk.
    Good luck!
  4. Collonil and rubbing with the dustbag all the way! The sooner the better.. If you have used the spray on the bag earlier I find it's easier to get colour transfer off. Gel, rub, dry then repeat until it's gone. Good luck!
  5. Thanks ladies! Going go buy the gel today and give it a go...
  6. Yes collonil gel might work.