Need help cleaning of my speedy handles

  1. I dont know if anyone has posted this question or anything, but i'm going to because i'm in a bit of a hurry for church and can't search! Does anyone know how to get dirty handles to a mono speedy clean? I was looking at my handles today at walmart and they have a bit of dirt on them that I tried to get off but couldn't!!!:wtf: now im extreeeeeeemely upset and just wanted to ask you guys! Thanks!
  2. there are many threads on the baby wipes process (I had one that actually showed the entire process).
    If you bag is brand new....I wouldn't recommend it as it could make the handles even darker. Over time any dirt will fade away as the patina gets darker.
  3. try a white eraser (be sure it's a clean one coz if not the dirt from the eraser may transfer to the bag) wipe lightly.I tried this it on my new manhattan and it worked.
  4. i use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and baby wipes, and they both work for me :yes:. be careful not to rub too hard, or you may make it worse
  5. Try baby wipes. My speedy is only about 2 months old and used her like 5 times, and then accidentally spilled maple syrup on one of the handles. The stain came off with the wipes. . . . and gave her very light patina too
  6. iono, I think it's better with the eraser..... I tried huggies baby wipes (w/ aloe) on 2 bags and it made both of them REALLY dry............... (one was 1 yr old, the other was 2 months old)....... so now, i'm banning baby wipes for 5 years lol or until the leather becomes REALLLLLLY dirty
  7. Saddle soap works wonders.