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Which would be better for a casual dresser?

  1. Double pocket tote

  2. Barrel bag

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  1. OK, this is my first post, and I need some guidance. I have sold some of my older bags and want to get a new one. I am having a hard time choosing a bag. This has never happened to me before so I thought I would come to the experts! I am a mom of two pre teens, I wear jeans and t-shirts, hoodies, tennis shoes, etc. Very casual. I guess my biggest question is do you think the double pocket tote is too dressy for such a casual person? I have had a barrel bag before, so I know it functions for me, but I just can't decide between these two.....HELP!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance for the opinions. I wanted to add that I am looking at the olive color in both of these but could not find a pic of them both in the olive. So it would be the color of the tote that is shown for both bags. Thanks again! Mokey
    ahh269_zi dooney tote.jpg ahh240_zi dooney barrel.jpg
  2. Out of the two, I voted for the double pocket tote since you mentioned you already had a barrel bag before. I think the double pocket tote will look good with casual or work clothing. HTH
  3. Me 2
  4. Do you think that even if I ran out in sweats it would look ok or would it look really dumb? I have some other bags, but usually carry one at a time. The only time I really change is if it raining or something like that. Thanks so much for all of the help. Mokey
  5. OK, so I think the clear winner there was the Dooney tote bag. There is one other bag that I have been considering. If y'all could be so kind as to answer the same question, I would appreciate it. Do you think this is too dressy for a casual girl? It is the Coach Hampton signature medium carryall in the khaki and chestnut. Same questions as before, is it too dressy for jeans, hoodies, tees, sometimes sweats. When I say sweats I don't mean the Hanes ones, I mean more like a flare leg with hoodie type outfit. Thanks again for all of y'alls help! Mokey
    coach hampton signature medium carryall.JPG
  6. You wouldn't look dumb at all--you'll look like a celeb in casual clothing, but with your cool casual bag on your arm. The second one just seems a little bit more for work or dinner out. The first bag could be used most of the time, including work, tho.( I'll bet you're one busy woman!):yes:
  7. We posted at the same time, Mokey. The Coach pic is really small on my screen, but I like it. The Dooney might be a little more casual, but don't exclude the Coach. The interiors may function differently for you, also. which do you lean towards?
  8. Thanks Boxermom! I am pretty busy. So you think that the Coach will look too dressy, but the Dooney tote won't? Thanks so much for the opinion. I appreciate it.
  9. We posted at the same time again! I am leaning more towards the Dooney because it does have more pockets and I like the type of zipper on it more. But I love the Coach too. Plus I like that the Coach has silver on it instead of gold. I wear more silver than gold.
  10. Boy, it's a pretty even choice. I can get hung up on silver v. gold, # of pockets, all kinds of things and have a hard time choosing. Can they both go over the shoulder? I'd think you would need that. Maybe someone will come along who has some more insight. I like them both. If the Dooney had silver, it would be a done deal, for me. Good luck deciding!
  11. I don't carry bags on my shoulder so both of them will go on my arm. If the dooney had silver it would be a done deal for me too. I think I am leaning a little more that way too. BUT, I love the Coach too! Thanks again Boxermom, I appreciate it. I get so stuck on the little things that I am making this harder than it should be. I love the opinions though because it really helps me look at things in another way. Thanks, keep those opinions coming! Mokey
  12. I am usually a Coach, LV, Gucci girl but I really like that Dooney. I know casual or dressed I would get more use of that over the Coach. If that Coach was in the brown pebbled leather only then would I go for that!