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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I Am Not A Very Experienced Chanel Shopper So I Could Use Some Advice From The Experts. Here's The Thing, I Curently Have A Black Leather Baby Coco Cabas And A Black Slver Hardware Classic Jumbo. I Bought 2 Bags And Can't Decide Which One To Keep. The Choices Are B/w Gst And Medium Black Classic Flap With Gold Hardware. I Don't Go Out That Much At Night And Have A 20 Month Old. However, I Think Since The Med/large Classic Flap Will Never Go Out Of Style, It Is A Good Bag To Have Even Though It Is Not Used As Often. What Do You All Think?? Should I Invest In A Bag That Will Not Get As Much Use? Is This A Must Have Bag? SHOUL I WAIT FOR THE JUMBO TO COME OUT IN A BEIGE COLOR OR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. AT THIS POINT I LIKE TO INVEST IN CLASSICS. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!
  2. I voted flap. I never say no to a flap.
  3. Flap:tup:
  4. I :heart: the classic flap... wear it every single day
  5. Do You Think Since The Classic Flap In This Size & Color Is Easily Accessible People Do Not Buy Them As Much?
  6. Since you already have a fun black bag and a classic black bag, I'd go for something in a different color- beige or red to mix things up!
  7. Hi Cookie Monster and welcome to Chanel! I agree and think u should keep ur flap. Bc there will be a point when ur baby gets older and you may want a smaller bag.
  8. IMO, the flap is a great choice...the strap worn long can go over the shoulder if need be. I have the Jumbo Classic and I love it. Although perhaps waiting for a different color is best. The Classics will always be around...with just get an updated look.
    And if you're not in a rush...wait so more...there are so many new styles coming out.
    From what I've read about the GST, the strap sometimes can fall off the shoulder. (hard to hold the baby and keep adjusting the bag KWIM?) I do not have the GST. Personally I think it's a pain when the strap keeps falling off my shoulder.
    Good Luck!
  9. flap
  10. final answer: classic flap
  11. Another vote for the classic flap!
  12. flap too!
  13. Flap all the way......:smile:
  14. flap
  15. Flap Flap Flap ...........................!