Need Help choosing....Which one?

  1. Textile Globe Shopper MM OR Antigua Cabas MM?

    I am somewhat torn, so I need you guys to help me choose. I really like them both. I think I am leaning more toward the Textile Globe Shopper. What do you think?

    If anyone has either of these bags and you have a photo of yourself with it, I would love for you to post.

  2. sorry sam0616, but what is textile globe shopper?
  3. Antigua MM!
  4. I love the Globe Shopper.. but it might be harder to get your hands on one.
  5. Antigua MM, it looks so chic IMO....
  6. Antigua! I like the Globe shopper, but I love the Antigua
  7. Globe Shopper!!!
  8. i'd go for the globe shopper....really unique and eyecatching.