need help choosing the right louis

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  1. i dont know whether to buy a 25 or 30 speedy this is my first louis, normally a coach girl i decided to explore. i see most celebrities with the cutest louis'and want one but cant figure which ones for me. i know i want to start withe the basic mono speedy but what size should get???? i want one for everyday use. help please.. send pics or whatever you think would help.

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    Hi elleLrich,
    The mono is a fantastic choice for your first LV!
    I had the same dilemma when purchasing my Azur speedy. I ended up choosing the 30 based on advice from friends & fellow TPF'ers, and I'm glad I listened.
    Plus, there's not much of a price difference between the two, which is nice.

    Here is a thread you can look through for speedy size referencing:

    I think the best way for you to decide is to go into the boutique & carry both to see which one:
    a) looks best on your person (i.e. some might think the 30 is too big/looks like luggage & others might think the 25 is too small, almost like a lunchbox)
    b) suits your needs better
    c) holds your everyday items better (i.e. the more you put in your speedy, the more it might sag, which changes the shape/look of it).
    d) keep in mind that the mono has vachetta leather which will patina over time/use.
    If you don't mind building your own patina, go for the mono. If it's a concern, you might want to consider the damier or mini lin.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
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