Need Help Choosing the Replacement Bag!


Which color should I pick?

  1. Rouge Vif

  2. Vert D'eau (Water Green/Seafoam)

  3. Vert Gazon (Grass Green)

  4. Marine (Navy)

  5. Bleu de France (French Blue)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Some of you might remember my tale of woe re: LARGE Rouge Vif Matelasse (Quilted) bag that I ordered from Susan (San Francisco).

    When I FINALLY received the bag (almost 6 months after I ordered it), it was NOTHING like the style below (which I have in Black):


    Yes, it was the Rouge Vif color and ... yes, the front and back were quilted, but that was it.

    Anyhow, long story short ... I returned it and asked them to CALL Balenciaga to find out if the above style was DEFINITELY not made in the Rouge Vif color. Unfortunately, the answer was YES :crybaby: .

    So, now I have to decide what to replace it with. Originally, I was thinking that I would just get the LARGE Matelasse in the Marron Glace (Brown - the S/A kept on referring to it as "Burgundy" :push: ) color. However, the S/A told me that they would have to call Balenciaga (yet again) to see if they could get it (huh :confused1: - it was a Fall '06 bag!). While I love my Black Quilted, I'm not really keen on going through the whole order process again.

    Meanwhile, the S/A told me that they have the new "Cruise" line in (can you figure out by now that the S/A doesn't really have a clue as to Balenciaga - :cursing: !). So, this means that I have some choices ... and I'm just not sure what I should do ... I need some HELP!

    Should I get:
    1. Rouge Vif Weekender (I already have the First & City)
    2. Vert D'eau (Water Green/Seafoam)
    3. Vert Gazon (Grass Green)
    4. Marine (Navy)
    5. Bleu de France (French Blue)
    I'm not too keen on the other colors (Cafe/Coffee, Truffe/Truffle, Rouge Vermillon/Vermilion, White or Natural) ... here's a pic of the 2007 colors (Bleu Glacier/Glacier Blue, Anthracite, Argile/Clay and Cobalt won't be out until Summer):

  2. awww.. i'm so sorry for what happen to u.
    but among ur consideration, i would get the Vert D'eau
  3. Definately Grass Green:yes: Rouge vif is so hot but you already have it in 2 other styles.
  4. I saw the Grass Green (with the Giant Hardware) City at Barneys, and I didn't really like it. I had thought it was supposed to be like the '05 Apple Green ... NOT EVEN CLOSE in my opinion.
  5. Since it seems like you had originally wanted a larger rouge vif bag, I say get the rouge vif weekender ! That bag would be so hot in the rouge vif!
  6. I really like french blue and in the weekender size ....:drool: :heart: :drool:
  7. Ohhh I'm so sorry what happened to you 'C' CeeJay :crybaby:!
    Since you already have 2 bags in Rouge Vif .... I'd go with a nice 'Vert d'Eau' :nuts: :yes: - even I didn't saw the new colors IRL yet :s !!
    Good luck in your decision :flowers: :love:
  8. I like the bleu de france.
  9. vert d'eau!! sucha pretty color!
  10. Vert Gazon all the way!!!!! :yahoo: It's such a rich color! love it! :love:
  11. Rouge Vif Weekender~the priettiest color I've ever seen on a bag! You can always sell your other sizes!!!!!!
  12. hey CeeJay
    I voted for French blue!!!
    I'd go in this order...
    French Blue
    Rouge Vif
    Water Green
    Grass Green
    Good luck on what you decide!!! :biggrin:
  13. Are the new canvas bags that are coming out considered the new cruise line? Joseph at balny said new canvas bags with leather trim are coming out soon...

    oh, ceejay my sweet, the french blue, definitely.
  14. Marine :yes:
  15. I say get rouge vif weekender and then if you feel you have too many bags of the same color you can always sell one of them. The spring colors just don't do it for me. The grass green I think would be too bright for the weekender and I'm too afraid of the water green getting dirty.

    Sorry to hear about what happenend to you.