Need help choosing! Rolex Datejust or Yachtmaster?

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  1. hello all!

    i've been itching to get a new watch and have narrowed it down to two. i'd love to get your opinions on which one you prefer! both are larger size watches (36 and 35mm) thanks!

    rolex SS datejust, blue dial with diamond markers

    rolex yachtmaster, SS and platinum
  2. I prefer the style of the datejust, but will the dark blue dial make it difficult to read at night? I've been wanting to buy a watch with a darker face too, but the fact that it might be difficult to read has been stopping me.
    The yachtmaster is less flashy, so I think it depends on what works better for your lifestyle - e.g. do you work in a professional environment where dressing up is mandatory?
  3. Rolex DateJust hands down! I love how simple, classic yet elegant the watch looks. The blue face is also very beautiful. The yachtmaster is nice too, but I personally don't like sporty looking watches.

    You can't go wrong with either watch, but I think you should pick the watch depending on your style and which one you would get the most wear out of!
  4. thanks for your opinions!

    saucy - i'm not worried about being able to read the dial at night. perhaps it will be a little more difficult, but nothing unmanageable. i already have other watches with white/silver dials so it would be nice to have some change.
  5. My thoughts exactly
  6. I sold the yachtmaster to get my love bangle & DH got me my datejust but I probably would have sold the yachtmaster to buy the datejust myself, I had gone off of the yachymaster & it was a waste as I never wore it but mine was TT & not SS, I just think the datejust is a classic & can be dressy or casual as I allways felt that my yachtmaster was too casual to wear to dressy events but mine was a midsize so maybe the ladies size would be ok.
  7. Love both but would choose the datejust. The yachtmaster's bezel is too casual to be transitional IMO.
  8. I prefer the Datejust, the diamonds definitely make that one stand out more.
  9. Datejust. Although I love the Yachtmaster, the Datejust model you posted happens to be my favorite Rolex. Love the blue and diamonds!
  10. Definitely Datejust. Yachmaster reminds me of a watch that I saw at Sears.
  11. Datejust!
  12. Datejust. I'm not a fan of the outside face design on the yacht one, looks too sporty and casual.
  13. Datejust for sure. Yachtmaster is "cool" and sporty, but honestly it is not really a type of watch you can dress up or down, but the datejust certainly is.

    Datejust is very versatile and can be worn anywhere, whereas the Yacht is kind of limited. You will get more usage out of the datejust, IMO and its just such a beautifu, elegant, classy timepiece!!
  14. Take a look at your current watch collection, are you looking for a dressier watch or a sporty one? That should help you decide. I don't like sporty watches, therefore my vote for Rolex Datejust. If you like something in between, perhaps you should consider domed bezel with oyster bracelet, it's a little casual, sporty yet elegant.
  15. Another vote for datejust. I wear my datejust everyday, and it definitely can dress up or down. :smile: