Need help choosing paint colors for front porch!

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  1. soooooooo in december my dad is putting in my new porch floor - right now it's just plywood.
    my mom told me i need to paint my porch before they put in the new floor. it wasn't really "if you want to paint your porch, do it before dec" it was "you MUST paint your porch" lol

    so... i don't know what to paint it. right now it's just all a beige-y color.

    the rest of my house are these colors:
    living room: powder blue
    dining area: kahki-ish color
    kitchen: pale yellow - light kahki-ish
    bedroom 1: dark brown
    bedroom 2: olive light green top with creamy pale lower half

    all the trim in my house is white, so i think going on that same theme i want to paint all the window trim and the tops of the brick 'pillars' white. but i don't know what to paint the rest. the floor will look like tile in pale/creamy colors

    here are some photos (excuse the mess!!) it's being used as storage for my show stuff right now lol

  2. Great looking porch, your dad did a great job!!

    What color is the exterior of your home?

    If you are going to do white trim, which I agree with, then my first thoughts would be to stick with taupes/tans, that would look good with the tile you are picking out for the floor. I think you should keep it neutral; but, no yellow undertones, right now it looks yellowish to me.
  3. my dad would thank you - although he had LOTS of help :biggrin:

    the outside of my house is again a creamy/yellowish/kahki type color. used to have really dark purple-ish brown trim but we're working on changing that to white as well.

    i was kinda leaning towards sticking towards the same color. i kinda like it... just wasn't sure if that was boring lol

    what's the opposite of a yellow undertone - brown? i am so terrible at picking out colors from those paper samples at the store.
  4. ^ I don't think what you have on there is boring - especially if you paint the trim white, and put the tile down. Maybe you should do the trim and then see if you still want to change the interior color? From what you are explaining, what you have suits the rest of your house best, just get thet trim and the floor done! (plus, less paint to buy, more $$ to spend on furnishing the patio!)
  5. eh, my mom still thinks the whole thing needs a new coat of paint.... lol
    which is probably true. some of it's peeling due to moisture in the winter - so it probably wouldn't hurt :biggrin:
    i told my friend she was coming over for a painting party some day next month lol