Need help choosing next color...

  1. I'm going to be getting my first b-bag, but not sure which color. I know the next color I want is blue, I'm just not sure which shade of blue. Do I try tracking down an Ink or do I wait for the blueberry? Which shade would be more versatile?
  2. The ink is realy gorgeous, but I think you might have a hard time finding that color. I think Kirna Zabete had an ink city a few weeks ago, but it was very veiny and kind of dry (though you can find posts on PF about how to soften it up with Lubriderm). The ink is very dark and will look almost black in some light and purple in other light. It's a very interesting color, but I'm not sure I'd describe it as blue (to me it's more of a purple-black).

    I just bought the blueberry yesterday (my first bag)! The color is a very vibrant and deep blue -- the color really does sort of resemble a blueberry! I bought that color because I was wanting something with a little 'pop', but that would work with so many colors (I tend to wear a lot of blacks, brown and neutrals) and it's really pretty and can be used year 'round IMO. A few posters mentioned yesterday that they thought that the leather on a few of the blueberry bags that they had seen seemed 'smooth and hard'. As a newbie to Bal, I'm still not sure what this means (mine seems to be pretty squishy and soft and not veiny at all -- but since I don't have any other bbags, I don't have anything to compare it to). The SA at BalNY told me that think the blueberry is their favorite new color in the store.

    Soooooo, I don't think you can go wrong with either color -- they are both gorgeous. Good luck -- let us know what you decide!
  3. Which bag did you get and do you have any pics? I would love to see more pics of the blueberry.
  4. I have an ink city, and the color strikes me as a navy derivative, but with the purple and black flashes occasionally. I love it and think it is quite versatile! If you can find one, I'd go ahead.
  5. Jenn83: Here are some pictures. I was using a flash, in front of lamp with the windows open, ( because it's sort of cloudy here today), so it looks more shiny in the picture than IRL. Let me know what you think.
  6. OMG...I'm in love! Its definetly going to be the blueberry. Thanks for posting! Its gorgeous!! Now I just have to make a definite decision on which style I want. The more I look at, the more I love.
  7. I have an ink first and a rouille purse... I tend to use the rouille more than the ink. I wear a lot of brown and neutrals, so rouille is so perfect for me.
  8. That color is fantastic!
  9. tking thats an amazing color good choice congrats :smile:
  10. Oh tkgny, that is just gorgeous!!! The colour of a Kashmir Sapphire! Congratulations on your first (of many I'm sure!) Balenciaga! Enjoy wearing her!

    Jenn, I think the blueberry will have more "pop" than the ink. I have seen the Blueberry in person and it's stunning and I think tkgny's pictures are pretty accurate, whereas the ink I have not seen in person and the pictures vary so greatly because of it's "chameleon" effect.

    Have you seen either colour in person? The pictures are hard to choose from because the colours are hard to capture.

    I wish you well,

  11. yeppers, i :heart: the ink, but if you want more pop in a blue, then blueberry's your color :yes:...i've seen it in person & it's gorgeous!!!
  12. Blueberry is beautiful. If I was getting blue, that would be the one.
  13. tkingny: Is that a blueberry City? Is the City style in Blueberry already available at BalNY?

    Jenn83: What styles are you considering?
  14. tkingny, your blueberry city is gorgeous!
    jenn, it might depend on your wardrobe. do you wear a lot of color or mostly neutrals. for me, i'd go for the blueberry because i love the pop!
  15. Both colors are great but I'd say go for that gorgeous blueberry!