Need help choosing my new azur bag!!!!!!

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  1. I need help!!! LOL! I don't have a store near me so I can't try on any bags, isn't that so unfair???? I'm ready to buy a new bag in the Azur line for spring/summer. My collection is small, I have a Monogram Speedy 25, Trouville and a Poppincourt Haut. I'm choosing between the Speedy 30 and the Hampstead PM. I'm 5'6 and 119 pounds, I do like the shoulder bags, that's why I am leaning toward the Hampstead, so what do ya'll think??? My DH is buying it for me for Valentine's Day!!!!:smile:
  2. If you are already leaning towards Hampstead then I say go for it. Have you considered the Galliera?
  3. If you can wait till March, check out the new Totally, it's so pretty.
  4. I prefer the Hampstead in Ebony so I'd go with the Azur speedy in a 30 ((perfect size IMO)! But since you say you are leaning toward the Hampstead, that's probably the one you should go with!

    Good Luck deciding!
  5. Both bags are great; if you are leaning towards the Hampstead, get it! It really is a pretty bag!
  6. I haven't considered the Galleria yet, I guess I need to go and look at that one too!:smile:
  7. Galleria :tup::tup:
  8. I really do love the Speedy in the 30 too, I'm just horrible at making choices. I'm just worried that the Hampstead will stick out too far or be heavy since I can't try it on.
  9. i would choose the Galleria!
  10. I would also get the Galliera. It's beautiful in azur and so easy to carry.
  11. Another vote for the Galleria. Or wait for the totally
  12. yep, just got galliera in azur...just lovely....l like the hampstead in ebane :smile:
  13. You already have a Speedy, get the Hampstead. But seriously take a look at the Galliera. I saw the Galliera Azur on someone at Nordstroms and it was soooo pretty! It is a wonderful and comfortable shoulder bag!
  14. Hampstead PM!
  15. Hampstead or Galliera!