Need help choosing my First Lady dior

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  1. Hi all. I need help from all you dior experts. Going to Europe next month and want to get a lady dior in medium size. I originally want to get a black patent medium one but as my collection already has a lot of black bags and I don't have a beige bag, I was thinking to get it in the nude colour. Can you guys please help me with the pros and cons of both my options? At the top of my head I'm thinking that the nude would be much more delicate and black is a classic.also I'm considering patent because lamb skin is very fragile. Am I correct?
    Thanks in advance and waiting for some expert advice xx.
  2. I was in London in April, set on getting the mini beige LD as well. But when I got there and tried the colour, it looked blah on me. I tried the seasonal pink instead and it wowed my husband. So I got the pink which was a light colour. I tend to wear dark coloured clothes but I made sure the colours don't run. And so far so good!

    I have a beige cavier Chanel which I've worn with dark coloured clothes and got caught in srin, and still look good!
    Light colours do develop patina over time, their colours may become darker (not dirty).

    But I would say go for it! In fact, I'm thinking of getting my 2nd light colour LD next year, hopefully the grained versions come back!
  3. My Dior collection is also mostly black bags. It's practical and I find that I rotate them often. I'd be a bit worried about colour transfer on a lighter coloured bag. Having said that, I've been feeling like it would be nice to introduce a least one bag with colour in my collection.

    I think you should have a great time in the store and try a few different colours including the nude. I'm sure you will be drawn to the right colour. Have a fantastic time in Europe!
  4. I don't suggest patent leather in a light colour, as it is prone to stains, colour transfer, and even oxidation. I've seen some used beige patent leather bags on Ebay and the colour has changed so much that it no longer resembles the original colour.

    If this is your first Lady Dior, then I suggest getting the black. Maybe spice it up by getting it with gold hardware (if you normally get silver, that is).

    Dior lambskin is not that delicate. You just have to be careful as with any other soft leather. I prefer the look of the lambskin version.

    If the lambskin concerns you, then there are more leathers to choose from. They have some metallic nubuck versions that may still be in stock. You can even get a sequined or tweed version, depending on availability.
  5. I got my First Lady Dior, size Medium, in February. I chose Black Lambskin with Gold Hardware. It is a stunner! It can be dressed up or down and the leather is not nearly as fragile as you'd think. The bag really is meant to be carried, and though I'm careful with my bags, I will use and enjoy this beauty! I'm very happy with my choice.

    Congrats on your first LD. Follow your heart. This bag is gorgeous is every color/ type of leather.
  6. i think when you go and try on, and look in the mirror, you will know when you find the right one for you. what i ended up with was something v different to what i thought i liked from photos of bags online.
  7. Thank you for all your relplies ladies
    I finally got my First Lady dior patent leather nude color!!!!
    I just fell in love with the looks so elegant and pretty
    My husband liked this more than the black
    I also got the chanel boy in black so I guess got the best of both worlds lol.
    Got it from dior in vienna and I must say excellent service
    They were so nice and helpful
    Now fingers crossed I can take care of this beauty and enjoy it for a long time to come
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  8. Congratulations!!! Please share pictures with us so we can admire your new beauty :biggrin:
  9. Hi, everybody. I am new in Dior bags. Miss Dior in old style was beautiful, but I ´´missed my train ´´. But Lady Dior is Abs stunning. I would like to buy my very first LD. I would like to buy medium size in lambskin. Question is which color. Black/silver or red/silver or blue/silver? Can you tell me pros&cons? My mum has black/gold, I can borrow this bag. Thank you for answer.
  10. hi kaya
    okay well black pro is that no colour transfer issues. if dye is not fixed properly in your clothing it can lead to colour transfer to lambskin which is not black.
    i think the pros and cons otherwise are going to be about how easy it is for you to match the other colours to your clothing. many people prefer a neutral colour to get more wear out of the bag. however, if you know that, for example, you always for the rest of your life will wear red lipstick in the same shade as the bag, and all your clothes are bought to match that red, then probably this is a good choice for you.
    i assume from your choices of hardware you tend to wear silver jewellery?
    similarly if you wear jeans a lot, which tend to colour transfer a lot, probably black is the safest colour

    my advice would be go to a boutique, try them on and then decide.
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  11. Hi floatythoughts,
    Thank you for your answer and advice. It is very clear and it helps. Colour transfer is very big cons, I am wearing jeans - black could be the best colour. But on the other site I am wearing blue, bluegreen, dark blue, white and red.....I think black could be dark for my wardrobe. Maybe red LD is toooo ..... How to desribe....
    You are right I am wearing silver, white gold or rose gold jewellery. I know Dior has silver and gold HW for classic black LD and silver or light gold HW for another colours. I will choose silver or light gold HW.
  12. why not a navy blue/silver or midnight blue? check out breadnbrie's diorever, the colour is gorgeous. not sure if it comes in LD too.

    i think a dark blue will go well with the colours you wear.

    Red LD will really pop! but do you mean it's a little too loud? maybe in a mini then
    or a diorama
  13. when they say light gold, i do actually think in person it is a very goldy gold so do be cautious if you think light gold will really be light gold.

    there are a lot of different blues actually available like leooh said,and although there tend to be seasonal variations there are usually a few different blue shades released within a year. a blue would be unlikely to show colour transfer. right now there is a dark turqoise blue with embellished strap though personally i am not a fan of the embellished strap. there is a picture of this on this thread
    other blues are released every so often so if you dont find the perfect blue yet, keep an eye out. there was yves klein blue fairly recently i remember. blue tends to come out with silver hardware from what i remember. from what you say of your waldrobe i agree that maybe blue is worth considering.
  14. Do you live close enough to a boutique to try them on? My experience was that the colors looked quite different online than in person. Colors that appear more muted online are actually much brighter and more vibrant in person. I was originally thinking Yves Klein blue, which in person looked almost bright purple. I ended up with midnight, which is thankfully MUCH more vibrant in person and did not much resemble the muted dark navy I saw online.

    Wear the colors you normally wear and go try them on. I do not recall seeing the Lady in midnight recently, but I may have missed it. If you wear more teal blues, the turquoise might work. Think about your general skin/hair coloring as well. Not sure how familiar you are with color theory, but People with summer and autumn coloring tend to look and feel better with muted colors. Your discomfort with black and bright red (which are high-contrast Winter colors) might indicate that you belong in the summer or autumn categories, meaning that you might favor bags in muted blue, teal, grey, beige, light pink, soft dusty red, and brown.

    Personal anecdote: I always mean to buy beige bags because they are so clean and classic looking, but with my Winter coloring , beige completely washes me out and I end up buying something different after trying it on.

    I probably made this more confusing! But bottom line. Try them on in person. It's really the best way to decide.
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  15. This is excellent advice! I completely agree with trying the bags on, as the colors that complement your overall coloring and wardrobe will stand out, making the choice easy. I have a warm skin tone (Soft Autumn) and muted colors look much better on me. I'd love a bright red, or blue and silver hardware for variety, but they clash and distract vs enhance. I need warm tones and gold hardware.