Need help choosing my first Kelly

  1. It looks like I'll be able to buy a Kelly in early 2008. :yahoo:It will be my first and likely my only. I'm actually enjoying this stage of waiting and anticipating. I daydream about the bag all the time, picturing it, etc. !

    Soooo, my problem is I'm not sure what color/leather to get. I know I want 32 with PH and the retourne style. I'm 100% casual. I will likely want to add a canvas strap, as well.

    I am considering an SO and if I do that I may want to get a bi-color... not contrasting trim but just a complementary lining color. I would only want a dark-ish color for the lining ... nothing light, as I would be just too neurotic about trying to keep it clean.

    So, my problem is that I really love the gold color and cannot picture what color would coordinate with it for the lining. Since the bag will likely be my one and only Kelly, I must get something neutral for the main color that I can live with for a long time, probably for the rest of my life, since I'm almost 60 now!:nuts:

    I would want a leather where gold shows up dark as I like deep, rich colors.

    I wear brown as my "base" color and then add other colors to it. I don't wear black, at least not very often, in this "brown phase" I'm in.

    Oh, and my Evelyne is either chocolate or ebene.. we can't figure it out for sure but it is a very dark brown and I think my Kelly should be something else.

    So, my questions:

    1. Is there a color that would coordinate with gold that could be used for the interior? Or should I just stick with all gold? Or another color?

    2. Is clemence really that much heavier that the other leathers? I have the clemence Evelyne and I love the mushiness of it but is that leather best left for the more unconstructed bags such as Picotin, Massai, etc. ? Oher leather suggestions? ... something practical!

    3. I don't guess they make Kellys in Barenia these days.. right?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I figure if I am going to daydream about my Kelly, it should be in the actual color and leather!! :p

  2. 1. Just my opinion, but I like gold for an interior, it hides the stains much better than you think. If you want a contrast, go for brown. But keep in mind this is a SO combo and may not be offered until you become a regular at your store and I don't know what your status is with them.

    2. Clemence is heavy, but if you like it go for it. A 32cm gold clemence Kelly will be very casual and sounds like it will fit your needs.

    3. Yes, they do may Kellys out of barenia and they do pop up in the store. They are rare and your chance of finding one is best with the bigger stores. Keep in mind, it is a heavy leather up to par and possibly surpassing clemence. It's all that oil that weighs it down. I played with a Porte Document in barenia one day and it must have weighed 8 lbs. empty.
  3. how very exciting kallie, congrats on planning your first kelly, gold is wonderful and so versatile, if you want a dark interior how about ebene or havanne? since it is interior you will likely not see it as much, so if your other bag is brown it does not really matter, you could also do indigo or even black for interior or simply leave it gold, it comes down to what you want most, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I think gold is fabulous as your only Kelly. I use my gold Kelly the most. Mine is Togo and it's a deep rich color that really goes with everything and wears very well.
    Greantea has a gold togo Kelly 32 retourne with PH so you might want to look up her thread for pictures, etc.
    As for lining, I find the gold lining of my Kelly just right in that it doesn't show dirt and at the same time it's light enough to make it easy to find my things. I don't like dark interior because I like to be able to see things easily, but depending on the colors of your small accessories you might not mind this. In that case I think something like chocolate would be very pretty with gold.
  5. Gold:
    potiron lining
    rouge H lining
    navy (indigo) lining
    marron fonce, ebene, any brown lining
    one of the darker greens (name escapes me) lining.
  6. Good point.
  7. I can't believe no one has yet suggested Vert Olive lining on a Gold Kelly!!

    Congrats on the possibility of a SO, Kallie Girl--very exciting!
  8. Thanks for your comments. I didn't realize Barenia was so heavy. That may not be good for me, then.

    Hmmm, I had not thought of gold with a brown interior... maybe...

    My accessories are all H and bright such as orange, vert anis, bleu jean, etc. so a dark interior would be fine, I think. Thanks everyone for all those great lining color choices!

    The boutique nearest me (not in my town, though) is where my BFF bought a Birkin on our visit there earlier this year and I have bought a lot of accessories, scarves, etc. My SA did email me in June and asked if I wanted to SO anything, so I know she will be excited for me to get a Kelly.

    But if I go with gold outside and inside then I can probably find it without an SO, if I'm not in a big rush and perhaps more open about which leather .....

    Thanks everyone for your insight... keep those great ideas coming!!!
  9. I love the sound of the vert olive lining!:tup:
    I am a boring black person just struggle to do bright colors, its great that you love them I am just too boring.

    But am so excited for you I think the wait adds to it all really
    let us know your decision.
  10. Kallie - congrats on being able to SO - that's very exicitng for you :nuts:

    Gold is such a fabulously versatile colour I'm sure you'll love it forever. You wear colour well so maybe you'd consider a potiron lining (as Hello suggested) or that lovely Olive (as Cyn said) those would be nice choices if you wanted contrast.

    Let us know what you decide - it's such fun!
  11. I'd go for potiron or brique for lining and togo.
  12. I think gold with potiron would be so yummy!
    That is so exciting...a special order!!! :tup:
  13. Ooops - forgot to say togo for the leather. Hardy but lovely and the gold looks terrific :tup:
  14. I think gold togo (usually comes with white stitching) exterior and marron fonce or ebene for the interior - assuming that you will get to SO a bag from your store. You can't go wrong with a gold kelly - it is a timeless classic
  15. Thanks, guys, I really, really appreciate your thoughts on this. I need to make one visit to the boutique and look at colors and hopefully finally decide so at SO time, I'll be ready.

    Here's a thought.... if I go with one of the dark browns for the interior should I get dark brown stitching instead of white?

    Oh, soooo many decisions!!