Need help choosing my first Gucci

  1. I need some help can't make up my mind!
    I am looking to purchase my first Gucci,I have a toddler so having one with a shoulder strap is better for me since I am constantley holding her,it helps to have a free hand.
    Here are the choices....
    115867_F40KG_9643.jpg 130942_F4DYG_9643.jpg 152457_F40IG_9643.jpg 137621_FAF3G_9643.jpg
  2. I like #2(reminds me of the boston) and #4(pelham)....# 1 is too common the whole horsebit hobo but, it depends on you...I have enough hobos therefore I am drawn to the others...
  3. Out of those, I prefer #2 and #4.
  4. # 2 definitely! love that bag.:yahoo:
  5. I like #2 or #4 too. If you want something casual, go with #4. Otherwise, #2 looks more sophisticated.
  6. no. 4 for me..big bags are very attractive IMO plus you said you have a toddler no. 4 can carry a lot of your stuff in case you're always with your baby.
  7. Go for the Pelham! (#4) It's fab!!!! I also think it'll suit your purposes perfectly! It's roomy and it's a great shoulder bag so you'll still have both hands free for you little one!

    For a first Gucci bag I'd normally vote for the horsebit hobo as that's a signature Gucci style and totally classic, but I think as a shoulder bag, the Pelham would much more suit your needs. Altho the style is somewhat newer, I think the Pelham is absolutely classic too! :love:
  8. if price is not a prob, go with the pelham!
  9. i prefer no 2
  10. I love the horsebit style. #1
  11. 2 or 4, although 2 may be the best one in terms of security and not having stuff sink to the bottom.
  12. I love the second one. The third one is nice too.
  13. i like the first one.
  14. Children....with kids, hands down either 4 or 1. My Princy has two handles and when place over my arm the one furthest out keeps falling over - so I would go with 1 or 4. That's just my $.02!
  15. I prefer number 4. I don't care for number two at all.