Need help choosing kitchen backsplash!

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  1. Hello all, I come to you, desperate and in need of serious help.

    I did my kitchen remodel with white, traditional looking cabinets in Linen, anthracite pulls (dark steel,) with an Ubatubu granite counter. Black/green with flecks of blue, gold, green and amber.

    So, it's this

    But with this counter:

    The walls are a BM custom blend, but, it's fairly close to Chai Latte

    I will post pictures later to help, but, basically its a black and white kitchen with yellow/peachy walls.

    Any and all suggestions would be so appreciated.

  2. Wow pics might help. I just bought light gray glass subway tiles. Everyone now is doing mosaics so I was afraid it would be too dated. I went to a tile store and looked around.
  3. your pics aren't showing
  4. [​IMG]