Need help choosing graduation present!

  1. I will be getting my little sister her first LV as a college graduation present but am uncertain as to which bag to get. I am flying out for her graduation next Friday so I would like to get the bag soon.

    My sister has informed me that she would like something "timeless" yet age appropriate in the monogram canvas. She just turned 22 and is petite, 5'3" and about 105 pounds. I am seriously thinking about the Speedy 30 but am open to other suggestions. What would be a good starter LV? The Speedy 30? The Speedy in another size? A bag other than the Speedy? Any modeling photos will be immensely appreciated as they will provide me with an idea of how the bag will look on someone my sister's size. Thanks in advance!
  2. i think the speedy would be perfect. :love:

    and this is so sweet of you!
  3. go with BH
    it's a good all around bag
  4. BH or cabas piano. after i graduated college, i finally learned to appreciate my cabas piano and how practical it is. congrats to your sister on graduating :smile:
  5. Speedy, Damier papillon, or BH would all be great and timeless bag!
  6. speedy. but which size depends on how much junk she carries around with her. maybe a 25 instead of a 30.
  7. Totally agree!!!
  8. I think a BH or a Cabas is a great idea- practical and perfect size. What a sweet sis you are! :smile:
  9. i'm your sister's size. and i love how speedy 25 damier looks on me!
  10. A lot of votes for the Speedy and the BH. Thanks so much for your suggestions!
  11. you CANNOT go wrong with a speedy.
  12. Speedy and as for the size, it depends on how much she wants to carry in it.
  13. i think for a starter bag a speedy is great. thats the very first LV i bought when i was 20 and am still in love with it.
  14. Wow - more votes for the Speedy. I may be overanalyzing this whole thing but I remember reading a post about a sagging problem with the Speedy in the monogram canvas?!?
  15. how about a Speedy or a BH/BV..........congrats!! you sucha a nice sister!!