Need help choosing gifts!

  1. Hello everyone! I generally don't have any problems shopping for the people on my christmas list... but this time I am so stumped! I've been googling and reading articles but I just haven't gotten anywhere. Then I thought "hey... I know where I can find some moms... aunts... uncles... etc" :yes:

    I have very little experience shopping for children. My SO's sister has two, and one on the way before christmas. The oldest girl is no problem, she loves books. I can buy books :smile: Her son, who is 3, loves trucks and trains and anything that moves, basically. The sister is very eco and consumer concious, and would like US manufactured or homemade toys preferably in cloth or wood. The problem is I don't know where to find these, as I have never bought any toys from anywhere but chain stores. Is there a place online? Should I check out a craft fair?

    For the baby, she is planning to use cloth diapers and has requested diaper covers. Any advice on where to find these at a reasonable price? She sent SO a website but the covers run about $20 each and if this is their normal price I need to discuss with her that I can only buy one so would she like me to get something else. We are buying all of the children savings bonds so I would like to keep my budget low for toys/other gifts.

    Would love any help anyone can give! :flowers: Thanks!