Need help choosing first LV wallet!!!

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Which wallet is better for a first wallet?

  1. Epi Eugenie (Ivoire)

  2. Vernis Zippy (Amarante or Pomme)

  3. Epi Pochette Wallet

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  1. My bf is getting me a new wallet but I can't decide which one. I am only getting one so I can't have all of them (although that would be nice :smile: hehe ) This would be my first LV wallet.

    I have narrowed down my choices to 3:

    Epi Eugenie (Ivoire)
    Vernis Zippy (Amarante or Pomme)
    Epi Pochette

    Which one do you think is worth it? Which one should be my first wallet?

    I love the buckle on the eugenie, but afraid that it would get scratched easily. For eugenie owners, how long have you had your wallet and has the buckle scratched? How do you care for it?

    Is the pochette really bulky? Especially when you stuff a lot of cards into it.

    For the zippy,i have never had a wallet with a zipper and cannot imagine yet owning one but a lot of people own this and i was wondering if it was really that great.

    Thanks guys. really appreciate this.
  2. I would go for the vernis zippy. So snazzy!!
  3. Vernis zippy in pomme!!!!

    Awesome wallet, and the pomme goes great with other mono pieces.

    ETA: Wallets with zippers are great. It forces you to stay organized, and keeps your stuff on LOCKDOWN!
  4. I like the Vernis Zippy and the Epi Pochette. The Zippy has more compartments and it holds more cards compared the the Epi Pochette. So if you want something that would hold more I would go with the Zippy.

    Personally I am partial to the Epi Pochette because I have one. ;) My wallet is currently stuffed and it does not look bulky at all, I think it is because Epi is more structured, it looks sleek no matter how much I put into it. It takes quite a beating from me and it still looks great. But one thing you should keep in mind is that the Epi can get a little heavy (especially with the coins).
  5. zippy in pomme, amarante or violette.. I LOVE IT!!! must get one some day..
  6. I would go with the Zippy in Amarante, I love that color!
  7. Definitely the zippy in pomme,. you will love it!!!!
  8. I will choose Epi Pochette Wallet.
  9. I would get the zippy in pomme. I have a zippy wallet and absolutely LVoe it!! You can fit sooooo much into it and it doesn't get bulky. I like the amarante color too, but the fingerprints would drive me crazy, especially on an item which gets handled a lot (like a wallet).

    Good luck deciding. :P
  10. Pomme Zippy. I love how easy it is to see the Pomme inside your purse
  11. Pomme ZIPPY .... :heart:
  12. vernis zippy.
  13. I love the zippy, and the amarante vernis is stunning. That gets my vote! And about your hesitancy on a zippered wallet...the zippy is absolutely amazing! And if you don't want to carry a bag it doubles as a clutch. I am 100% in love with mine.
  14. vernis zippy
  15. I selected the pochette wallet. It expands to about 1.5" when full of cards. If you've never had a zipped wallet, you should try one out before having your bf buy an LV one. Definitely "try on one" because either you love the zipped wallet or you don't. Personally, I'm not one for it because I find the zipper annoying. You expressed interest in it because it's a popular wallet but that won't mean you'll love it.