Need help choosing first LV--not a Speedy

  1. I'm thinking of buying my first LV bag:tup: I know that the Speedy is usually recommended as the "bag of choice," but I need a shoulder bag. It needs to be big enough for my stuff: wallet, makeup case, planner, two pairs of glasses, checkbook, cell phone, and room to add a few odds and ends. I don't need an oversized bag, however. A bag that's easy to get in an out of is important. I would like to keep this purchase to under $1000. Thanks, in advance, for your help:smile:
  2. I think most of us here are going to say BH. That is a batignolles horizontal. It is $740...
  3. I'm with Dell on this. BH is a great bag. I saw someone with this bag the other day. I can tell that it's at least more than 5 yrs old and being used a lot. BUT - it gives character to it. What more can you ask for? - A bag that still looks good after being worn hundreds of time.
  4. If you don't need a zipper top, I recommend the petite bucket. It comes with a little accessories pouch that is very handly also.
  5. I would recommend the Batignolles as well, though I like the vertical more than the horizontal. Both bags are a good choice and can be worn at work or for a day out. You may also want to consider the Neverfull PM
  6. I love Batignolles Vertical, but for other options too, howabout either Neverfull MM/GM or Lockit Horizontal?
  7. Love the Cabas Piano, but I don't think that's under 1K...otherwise the BV/BH would prb suit your needs very well!
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to sleep on it. I should have gone to bed a long time ago--and here I am, still posting. I live in an area that does not sell good handbags. I need to convince DH to take a ride up Northern Virginia [about two hours away] and start looking at bags in person. I had hoped I could order from eluxury, but I think that would be taking a chance. Does anyone have an opinion of the Cabas Piano? It seemed similar to the other recommendations, but with longer straps and a higher price! Thanks again, for your help.

    ETA: I just received an opinion on the Cabas Piano, while I was posting! We had a mind meld:supacool:
  9. Hehe, love the Cabas Piano. I actually had a Batignolles Vertical before that, but got rid of just felt funny to me, and I never really fell in love with. Plus, I'm small and I kind of felt like it swallowed me up. Plus the zip on the Piano = love!
  10. how about the popincourt haut? i think it's 860
  11. BH. Or Alma if you want something zipped.
  12. If you can wait...consider the Tivoli! It should be coming out in either October or November. It will come in PM and GM sizes. We're not sure if the PM size can be a shoulder bag though and will also have the adjustable straps.
  13. Alma isn't a shoulder bag though, Article3, and is pretty darn small anyway. I was so sad when I saw it in person and realised how tiny it is!

    I still don't see what's so great about the Piano? It's a tote with a zip.. what do you mean that you love the zip, Kimalee, just that it's zippable? I like the shape and look of it but haven't worked out why it's worth so much yet! :confused1:
  14. A Neverfull in Damier, when it comes out...
  15. Tivoli or Lockit.