NEED HELP choosing/finding a mini flap!

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  1. hii!!!!

    im currently on a search for my second chanel purse and i have my heart set on the mini flap.
    i found one on ebay (which i had authenticated on the authentication thread hehe thanks a bunch!!!)
    it's white lambskin with gold hardware
    im REALLY desperate for a bag SOON. but I'm not sure if I want WHITE LAMBSKIN. I'm afraid it'll get ruined since lambskin is so delicate and ALSO because it's WHITE. if it were black lambskin i would NOT give it another thought....
    what do you guys think???
    also are mini flaps still available at saks, nm, or chanel boutiques? if so, would you mind telling me where pretty please :love:

    so should i go for the white lambskin or buy one from a saks/nm/boutique??

  2. oooh its a toughie Tara. I adore lambskin, but personally would never buy one in white. It would just be bag suicide for me lol

    I think you have worked it out for yourself when you say if it had been black you would have grabbed it.

    Lambskin is quite unforgiving, and I just think with white, you would never enjoy using it, as you would be so worried about it the whole time :smile:
  3. hhehe thanks!!
    i just hope i find another mini flap...
  4. ahh you will, your perfect one is out there waiting for you to find her :smile:
  5. I just saw a black caviar with silver hardware one at Bloomies SCP. They're doing their F&F version where you get $50 GC for every $250 spent. Call Leila at 714-824-4668 and tell her Lani referred you.
  6. I would never do a mini flap in white lambskin, I wear a lot of denim and I just picture it rubbing against my jeans and turning blue!! I just saw a black caviar with gold that was super cute @ Saks in Bala Cynwd PA, the price increase isn't until the 12th there too! Good luck.
  7. OMGGG you ladies are SO lovely!!! thank you SOOO MUCH!!!
  8. also, what is the bloomingdales ff?? is it applicable for everyone?
  9. Chanel Ala Moana has the black caviar with silver hardware mini flap. I wasn't really looking at it, so I don't know what other colors they may have had. :yes: