Need help choosing----> FAST!

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  1. I'm getting ready to go to the mall and return my Hamptons Straw Bag. The jewel in coming undone, AGAIN. I don't really do black bags, so I'm looking for something graphite or gray.

    I like the graphite Hippie someone just got on here. I also like the graphite Maggie. I'm really looking for a medium to bigger bag that I can take shopping.
    Sabrina is out. I have two already.
    What about Julianne?

    I can't decide!! HELP!:nuts:
  2. I got the saffron maggie, but the patent graphite was right up there - LOVE it!!
  3. I go for the Maggie since it so organized
  4. Have you looked into the Madison Magazine Tote? Those are timeless! Even the Julianne.... those two would get my vote!

    Sorry to hear about your Hamptons though... is that the one from the recent archives?
  5. I love julianne
  6. It was the one with the silver and black flowers and the jewels.

    My son wants me to use this smilie for no reason...:yahoo:
  7. awww I'm really sorry! Those were beautiful!!! I figured the jewels would be a problem... even the little netting over some of the jewels seemed fragile..

    lol what a good choice for a smilie!
  8. Graphite Maggie has my vote!
  9. The netting is what's coming off. Sorry, not the jewel, duh. On two of them, no less! And this is the second one, because I exchanged this bag before.

    My husband said it's no big deal, but I don't like carrying damaged goods! :P
  10. graphite Maggie, I love the Maggie...:love:
  11. I like the Maggie, but I'm thinking I like the crossbody of the Julianne crossbody?

    I like something big and open so I can stuff smaller purchases in there while I'm shopping.
  12. Maggis does have 2 opening and 1 zipper compartment, so it 3 different compartment in 1 bag.. it fit your need..

    Julianne is cross body, but if you are considering getting a croosbody i go for the Hippie since the handle would lay flat when you are wearing cross body.. The julianne handle either stick up or out..
  13. Graphite hippie gets my vote! That one was GORGEOUS and I love my Hippie for shopping!
  14. Maggie!
  15. OK, I'm on my way to the mall. We'll see what I fall in love with. Thanks for the imput!