Need help choosing everyday bag!

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  1. Hi everyone. Am new to the forum, and loving all the useful info and purse-lust here.

    I need help! I'm looking for a classic, very sturdy, large everyday bag. Big enough to carry my 14-inch Powerbook, but not too bulky. Had a gorgeous Kenneth Cole NY tote, but my laptop was too heavy for the thin straps, and eventually they broke!!! Have been lusting after the classic Marc Jacobs Stella tote and the new MJ Calfskin Tote, but am open to suggestions. Main concern is strength. Thanks for your help!
  2. Nice bag. Still think I prefer the chunkiness of the Stella. Bigger problem...I have zero brown/beige clothing or shoes. Most of my wardrobe is grey or black. Was hoping for a grey, black, or even green or blue bag. Thanks for your help.
  3. How about the Moonsus line of bags?

    You can either check the moonsus website or go to (where you can read some reviews).

    Moonsus Allure Tote (black) - $255

    Has a "built-in padded computer sleeve holding up to 15" display laptop"

    Moonsus Business Tote $285
  4. coach gallary tote
  5. I have the MJ Diane tote in black-Its great ...especially for what you are looking for..I also have a Stella...the Diane will fit better...I know.
  6. That's always my excuse to buy more purses.. " I need and everyday bag" Years and dozens of purses later... I'm still looking :biggrin:
  7. Thanks for the advice, guys. Will start looking around for a MJ Diane Tote in a neutral color.
  8. Louis Vuitton - Batignolles Horizontal
  9. Not really an LV girl. What about Tod's? Do they last a long time? Found a gorgeous one online (see pic below), very discounted. I guess my tastes run to more classic (boring?) styles.

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  10. The Chanel Cambon Overnight bag :biggrin: A little large, but it can fit EVERYTHING!