Need help choosing color/style on RM bags!!!! MA, MA mini, and Matinee!


Nov 2, 2007
Hello! Sorry in advance for this long cry for help!

I am in need of some advice! Over the last few weeks I have been struggling to figure out what bag Rebecca Minkoff bag to get in terms of style and color. Of course, I consulted the purse forum and found all of your opinions and observations very helpful. But still I could not decide and when all the sales came up I flipped back and forth.

In the end, I purchased a Morning After Mini bag in Dark Grey from Bagtrends for $382 (great customer service btw). It was already on sale for $449, and I found a 15% promo code here. Thanks!!!

I also found a MA in Glazed Almond via phone from Nordstrom for $319 including tax. This is a great looking bag. I thought that I might end up returning this one because I am not sure I really need it and it might be too big for me, but I am now really liking it ;)

Anyway, then, I thought I had found a Blue/Grey Matinee from another Nordstrom for $325 including tax, but it just arrived and in fact it is the Black/Blue. (There are a few random scratches on both of the bags from Nordstrom, and the matinee also has a little wear on one of the flaps (looks like it as been flipped over a lot), but for the most part they are in great shape.)

Anyway, my question is...what do you think about these colors and prices? Should I return any? I was really thinking the Blue/Grey Matinee would be a great addition to my collection, so I am a bit disappointed to receive the Black/Blue one instead. But the price is great, and it is a beautiful bag. I think I could still order a Blue/Grey one from RM at the sample sale price of $395, but not only is this more expensive but it will take a while to get to me, assuming they still have this color available (a SA from RM said end of next week). I have never seen this color in the matinee IRL though so there is uncertainty there too.

I am pretty certain I will keep the Dark Grey mini (read lots of raves about this bag here before I bought it), but not sure about the others. Any advice on color and price would be appreciated!!! My boyfriend suggested I return the MA Mini and Matinee bags and get the MAM in Blue and the Matinee in Grey. This would be very complicated(!), but is he right? Should I just be happy with what I have?

Help purse experts!!!


Nov 2, 2007
Oh! I just want to add that I was thinking of using the glazed almond MA bag for a to/from yoga bag since it has room for a couple of changes of clothes and all my toiletries. And the price was so low! ;)

The other bag I have been considering is the Foley and Corinna Lady Duffle (maybe in butterscotch?). What do you guys think about these bags compared to one another?

Can you tell how clueless I am? :confused1: :nuts:

thank you!!!


Apr 30, 2007
New York City!!
Those prices all sound really good, but if you are not thrilled with them I wouldn't keep them (RM is pretty easy to find on sale/on sites with coupon codes).

I love the dark grey color, so I would definitely keep the MA mini.

My full size MAs are my absolute favorite bags right now. I love that they fit EVERYTHING without looking huge.

If you don't love the black Matinee, I would hold out for the grey, as I think the grey is a much more unique/interesting color.


Dec 26, 2006
di1young...don't keep anything you're not 100% thrilled with! Don't settle just b/c they were on sale. :P The dark grey mini will be incredibly versatile and it sounds like you already want to keep it, but with the others, hold out for the colors/styles you really want.

For a yoga bag, as much as I love RM, I'd definitely recommend the AC lady duffle over the MA. It's so much easier to carry and slouches accordingly depending on how full it is.