need help choosing color of outdoor hobo!!!

  1. I am a recent transfer from the LV forum, and has just purchased my first chanel..

    i wanna take advantage of the sale and get the outdoor hobo.. really need a shoulder bag... and been falling in love with the ones everyone have!!!

    since i have a few LVs... i already have BROWN bags.. and was thinking of getting the hobo in BLACK.. but i just bought a black flap..ahh.. if i get the brown.. i will most likely get the darker brown.. please help!!!!
  2. I highly recommend Navy! Here you go:



    This bag does come in 2 sizes. This one is the larger size:
  3. ITS YOU~!!! lolx.. hey maxter~ love the navy.. but i don't think they have one on sale....
  4. Since you already have a lot of brown LV's, I'd say go w/ black.
  5. The black is not a pitch black; it is more of a washed black, like a greyish black.

    I love the dark brown - have it in the tote version!
  6. Ditto on the dark brown--it is a great color.
  7. So glad you like yours. Isn't it a great "mommy" bag. You can fit a TON in there!
  8. What about something in grey?
  9. I haven't seen grey.

    I'm download pics of what fits inside a hobo. Stay tuned.
  10. I vote for dark brown:tup:
  11. Dark brown or black!
  12. Did you consider it in the cognac? I have just ordered one from Chanelboy in that color. I am not crazy about the brown, but I have not seen it IRL, in the pics it looked a little too distressed. If you don't like the cognac at all I would go with black for least you can transition it in the spring...whereas the brown looks very wintry to me!