Need help choosing color for epi pont neuf

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  1. Hello Ladies,
    I am torn between the mandarin and the canelle epi pont neuf. :shrugs: I would appreciate any help in deciding which one to get.
  2. Try to see if you can find a Mandrin Epi Jasmin. It's a gorgeous color!
  3. Mandarin! I really love that colour. It's so bright and yet, stylish!
  4. thanks ladies for the input.
  5. Definitely get the mandarin, it's simply marvelous!!!!
  6. Mandarin!!
  7. Mandarin vote here too, it's such a pretty color.
  8. i like the red epi pont-neuf or the myrtille one!
  9. mandarin gets my vote.
  10. mandarin!
  11. ita!!!:yahoo:
  12. I'm gonna go against the grain here and say, for that amount of money I would get a color that's more versatle than Mandrin. I would say either canelle or black, or even ivory.
  13. Mandarin.
  14. I love the mandarin!
  15. all colors are nice lol. personally not a fan of canelle so i choose mandarin :p.
    will u be using it more for formal work or casual? if work i agree canelle will be more professional :smile:.