Need help choosing between these cutie beauties please

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  1. Have to choose between these and I want to be able to use as an everyday bag. I don't carry that much, a new small bag will suit me fine!

    Looking at these cutie beauties:

    Speedy B 25 (I have a Speedy 25 but never use it because it has be hand held)
    Pochette Metis (love that it has a mono strap instead of vachetta!)
    Mono Favorite MM (Not adjustable strap, problem?)

    Any thoughts on these?

  2. I have the Speedy B 25 in Earth. I love it. It holds much more than I thought it would. Very comfortable to wear on your shoulder or cross body.
  3. Pochette metis hands down! Can be worn with strap, straight or crossbody, handheld or as a clutch. So cute and versatile.
  4. Speedy B 25
  5. Pochette metis
  6. Speedy b
  7. i have the speedy b 25 and the favorite mm and i have tried on the pochette metis. my recommendation hands down would be the speedy b for its versatility, iconic looks and capacity. i love my favorite mm but it does not zip closed and doesn't hold anywhere near as much as the speedy b 25. i think the pochette metis is really pretty, but much as i tried, it felt too stuffed with my zcw, sunglasses, iphone, keys, etc. i really don't care for a bag feeling stuffed. if i could get by with carrying less, i would love to own the pm. the speedy b 25 is deceptively spacious. jerusha couture just did a review recently on youtube. she bought hers while on a euro vacation and carried it throughout her trip. she raved about it as well for a travel bag. they are all beauties, but i would go speedy b. good luck with your choice!
  8. All are great choices. I have speedy hand held also and I'm planning on getting a canvas speedy b 25 as my next LV. My most recent LV is the epi Alma BB and 2nd most recent LV is the Pochette Metis. I have several LV's and have owned many more but I HIGHLY recommend the Pochette Metis. I love everything about it. It has the beautiful soft interior and it is just so well made without being heavy. Run out and get it right away.
  9. Just got a speedy b 25 and LOVE it..
    My vote is speedy b 25!
  10. Speedy B you can wear it so many different ways!