Need help choosing bag

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  1. Hello! I am new here. I love so many purses, but can't pull some of the great ones off because I am only 5'. I was hoping that you could help me pick between two bags. I am looking for a black leather bag that will be classic and versatile. I am between the classic woven Bottega Veneta hobo and the medium Gucci horsebit hobo. Let me know what you think between those two or if you have other recommendations. Thanks!
  2. I have the Gucci medium horsebit hobo in the brown jacquard fabric and love it. I used it yesterday as a matter of fact. I would go for that. It's timeless and it goes w/ everything. The BV's are nice too but I don't own one so I can't speak of it personally.
  3. Jasanna, are you talking about the beige/ebony gucci fabric? I'm curious to know how it holds up in the weather, does it dirty easily, etc.
  4. i have the gucci horsebit hobo one in suede. it's really nice, but i haven't used it yet, because i'm afraid of the suede getting ruined. i will take it out one of these days!
  5. I am barely 5'1" and I tried on the Gucci horsebit hobo at the Gucci store near me. However, I decided to go with a slightly smaller bag. I think they call it the "Jackie" bag because Jackie Kennedy Onassis used to carry it. I liked this bag on me more than the horsebit style. I also have a Bottega Veneta bag in a different style. Either bag you decide to get you will be getting a classic. Bottega Veneta's leather is to die for! Here is a pic of my Gucci bag. (The one on the right is a tote by Tod's.)
  6. Here is pic of my Bottega Veneta. (The bag on the left is a Kate Spade.) The bag is a deep chocolate brown. It looks black in the pic.
  7. Um, I'm talking about the GG fabric that you see on most bags? Are we talking about the same one? If so, mine hasn't dirtied at all since I've had it over a year ago and I've even placed it on the floor and the forbidden airport conveyer belt:Push: . Not one mark yet and it seems real durable. Mine has held up verrrrry well in inclement weather. Hopefully we're talking about the same fabric :P .
  8. y'all are. beige/ebony is what they call it on the gucci website