Need help choosing an agenda...

  1. Hey ladies!

    I've decided to get a small ring agenda but I can't decide which one to get! :confused1: They are all so beautiful! :lol: After much consideration, I have narrowed down my choices to either the framboise vernis, plum suhali or cerises small ring agenda. I really adore the framboise but have heard way too many horror stories about how delicate it is (colour transfers and so forth!). On the other hand, I love the plum suhali agenda :heart: but it is a discontinued colour and unavailable in stores. Thus, should I try my luck on ebay for a plum suhali or cerises agenda OR get the framboise vernis one before the price hike in Australia? Opinions would be very much welcome. Thanks in advance girls! :love:

    With kindest regards,
  2. cerises small ring..

    consider the groom agenda in is on my x-mas is sooo nice I have the matching wallet and love it....
  3. I have the Vernis Agenda in Noisette, and haven't ever had any color transfer in the year and a half I've owned it. Not even from the inside of my Damier Speedy. I love it so much. Go for the Framboise. I *heart* the groom, but the paint flaked off of my mom's new groom items in less than a week!
  4. Thanks LVpug. Well the plum suhali is first on my list but I'm not even sure if they ever made it in the small ring agenda! LOL. I'm not really a fan of the groom collection... heard that it scratches easily (according to my SA). With regards to the cerises, are they totally unavailable in stores? They are definitely sold out in Australia... not sure about the US though. Oh well...
  5. That's great to know! The thing is I do not want to "baby" my agenda so I'm quite worried about getting it all dirty and scratched up. I absolutely love the colour though... it's a beauty! Decisions decisions... :lol:
  6. I totally don't baby it. I mean, when it's possible, I do let it sit in the big inside pocket of whatever purse I'm using, but if it doesn't have one (Hello Speedy!) it just sits in the bottom like everything else.
  7. Excellent! I'm worried because I own a Chanel denim wallet so that may cause some colour transfer... But glad to know that you don't baby it! Maybe it's not as delicate as it seems to be! :yes:
  8. Also, as tempting as the 50$ refills are, go Filofax! GREAT adorable refills, and there's a pen by Zebra that fits the pen loop for like 5 bucks and is v. sophistocated.
  9. Thanks for the tip sweetie. I wasn't planning to get refills from LV anyway... It's too expensive for paper. LOL. I'm definitely getting filofax refills but first, I'll need to choose an agenda. Hee. Oh.. Do you have a picture of the Zebra pen? :love:
  10. Yep, I'll take one, hang on!
  11. WOah! Your responses are instantaneous! LOL. Thanks sweetie! :heart: XOXO...
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  13. go for the framboise agenda! I have one, and I looooooooove the color...and I don't think color transfer is as much a problem with framboise, since its darker than perle or noisette...I think Lola I think it was has one that she uses as a wallet and totally doesn't baby it, but its still fine
  14. Yep, the little zipper pouch is from Filofax, and I got my 2007 refills and the coolest little insert of Postit notes! They also make note paper in like 5-6 different colors!