need help choosing a wallet!


Which wallet should I get?

  1. LV Damier

  2. Prada leather

  3. neither

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  1. I want to buy myself a new wallet for Christmas. I need something that will last me a long time, as I'm not too picky with wallets.

    I'm thinking of the LV Damier billfold - $270

    or this Prada leather one - $299


    I understand that LV canvas lasts for decades, but I'm curious what people have to say about Prada leather.

    I'm open to other suggestions too, but my budget is under $300.

    Thanks. :smile:
  2. LV Damier because my Prada wallets all broke within 5 months of purchase.
  3. Damier lasts much longer
  4. I can testify that stuff made by Rolfs, a company that has been around quite a while, not only lasts for decades, but still looks new after those decades have passed, even under the most harrowing and constant abuse throughout. has a nice selection of Rolfs stuff, and it is very reasonably priced, actually, considering the quality, it is absurdly reasonably priced.

    Unless you write a lot of paper checks in stores, you might consider upgradiing to a cardholder - it fits into all purses, and streamlines and simplifies your life. I love mine and will never return to the Oppression of Walletdom.
  5. I prefer the Damier.
  6. I like the Damier better.
  7. Damier, but love that blue one passerby.
  8. I like the damier.
  9. Damier gets my vote. I think it will wear better than the Prada. The Prada will probably scratch easily. Plus, LV wallets smell soooooo good. :shame:
  10. I like the Damier.
  11. LOL passerby, I admit I am tempted by the Nostalgia wallet, since that is the line of my cardholder and cigarette case, but when I think about it, I just can't justify it, since one of the reasons I upgraded to cardholder is because the only things I ever use any more, and the only things I would put in the wallet - are cards! ;)
  12. damier.. all posts from LV fans!! lol