Need help choosing a flap!!

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  1. I'm looking to purchase a white classic flap and need your input?! Should I go for the Jumbo or one size smaller (Medium / Large)? Thanks!!!!
  2. for white, the m/l would fit best for day and night, if you do not carry a lot.
  3. i would say the med one
  4. I also say the m/l is a better size.
  5. for white, I would go for m/l, since it's not a bag I would carry everyday. I find it's more of an occasion bag.
  6. Definitely M/L because white in general always appears bigger than dark colors. KWIM?
  7. ^ITA. M/L is the way to go for white.
  8. m/l
  9. I agee, white is better in m/l. I have the jumbo and it's too big for a white bag.
  10. The white looks better on m/l. The jumbo on the other hand looks better and ideal in black, not white. Get white m/l.
  11. Thanks for the input guys! Has anybody seen any m/l's in caviar / silver hardware? Can't seem o find it anywherebin new York =[
  12. BG said they would be getting some in the next few months. I want it too!
  13. I agree with everyone's input. White in m/l is best IMHO.
  14. If I were picking, I would choose m/l
  15. Another vote for the medium size. That way you can use it for both day and night.