Need help choosing a coat


Which coat should I choose?

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  1. Hey everyone! I'm debating whether or not I want to be one of these coats...I'd appreciate some opinions :yes:

    Here's coat 1: [​IMG]

    And here's coat 2: [​IMG]

    First of all, I'm a guy, but don't let that influence your opinion except for things relating to the body. I'm short-ish (about 5'7), and very thin. I'm trying to adopt '20s, '40s, and '50s styles into my wardrobe, and I know that a red coat isn't all that practical, but I love these two haha. I wear a lot of very different jackets and blazers in the autumn/winter, but I usually wear black slacks and turtlenecks along with them. The thing I'm mainly worried about is if they're too red. Because the first is longer, I think the color might be a bit overpowering, and also because of the fit it might look too feminine (and yes, I know they're both pretty femme haha). My main concerns with the second is that that shade of red is maybe too pink and I'm not sure if the nubby, boucle wool would look feminine or not.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't really like either of them. The first might be too overwhelming for your height, and I agree about the second one about the second one having too much of a pink undetone.

    What would you think about something in a little bit deeper shade of red?
  3. I have to agree with lv-lover. The reds border on pink. Also, the first coat is cut for a woman's figure. It has an hourglass shape. The second coat is cut better for a man's figure but the texture, collar and the color are too feminine for you.

    I think I know the look you're going for but I just don't think either of coats would look good on you.

    What do you think of these coats? Even though they're women's I think they'd look great on a man. I know it's the wrong decade but they're very suave. Just some suggestions... you helped me out with the Fedoras so its only fair I try to return the favor!

    This is a very mod red peacoat as well:
  4. ^^ Thanks you guys! Sometimes I need someone to pull me back before my enthusiasm throws me over the edge haha. I have three or four coats now that I have no idea what to do with because I bought them without thinking only because I liked them, and didn't consider how they would look on me.

    I wasn't really out to look for a red coat; these two just caught me eye and looked fantastic -- on a woman. I have a bad habit of just looking at everything on eBay all the time...If the second one didn't have the pink buttons and the nubby texture, I'd pounce for it, but alas...Maybe I'll buy one for a girlfriend and make her wear it all the time so I can look at it ;)

    And thanks chicbabacool! I really liked the first two a lot. I'll add them to my watch list.
  5. I voted no....I think both of them are a little blah in their cut. They don't look like they will have a great fit to them, making them very awkward and a little too much. I love that you are trying to incorporate early decades into your wardrobe, but I think you can find one that will better suit your body and shape.
    Good luck!
  6. I voted for coat 2. All men look great in peacoats IMO. The sleeves look a little short, but that hem looks like it could be let out if necessary

    The first coat is very nice looking, but too femme (and too long).