Need help choosing a black bag...

  1. my tastes are fairly conservative & classic. I'm a SAHM of 2 boys, ages 4 & 5 (I'm 35). I like shoulder bags & satchels (I love bowling bags & doctor's bags), but I'm open to your suggestions. I tend to go for structured pieces. I need to keep it $1000 or under (or right around that price). I'm contemplating the LV black epi alma. Right now, the only handbags I own are around 10 coach & 2 or 3 Kate spades (don't like any of these designers' styles right now). I don't care for "logo" or monogram pieces & prefer leather. My dream bag is an Hermes sellier kelly (yeah, right!). TIA for any designers or styles you can steer me towards!

  2. Try the YSL's my absolute favorite!!
  3. how about the thomas wylde oxford bag? it is very practcle and they have some fab designs.
  4. go for the lv epi :tup: classic and will never go out of style
  5. I highly recommend anything LV EPI. It's extremely durable, and very understated. The Alma is a great choice, along with the Bowling Montaigne, the Passy, or the Speedy. Those are all classic styles, and have a great deal of room for all your belongings. Here are some elux pics:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]Bowling Montaigne GM

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Speedy 30

    Passy (comes in GM as well that can be held on shoulder)


    All of these styles are truly timeless. I do like the YSL Muse, but I have to admit I'm a bit of an LV addict, *and* I think the YSL Muse is more of a "trendy" bag - i.e., even though I have no problem wearing stuff that was popular two years ago, I would prefer to just have something totally outside the bounds of "trendiness."
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  8. [​IMG]B.MAKOWSKY "Regent" Satchel-$228

    [​IMG]B.MAKOWSKY Regent Hobo Bag-$298

    [​IMG]MICHAEL Michael Kors "Darlington" Large Satchel-$398

    [​IMG]MICHAEL Michael Kors "Brookville" Medium Bowling Bag-$298

    [​IMG]MICHAEL Michael Kors "Brookville" Shopper-$328

    [​IMG]Cole Haan Village Soft Small Triple-Zip Satchel- $168

    [​IMG]Fossil "Claudia" Satchel- $295

    [​IMG] Yves Saint Laurent Satchel -$499
  9. [​IMG]Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Utility Satchel- $388

    [​IMG] marc_jacobs_venetia_quilted- $499

    [​IMG] marc_jacobs_venetia_quilted-$449
  10. [​IMG]
    Cole Haan Village Top Handle Tote- $295
  11. You guys totally rock! I am going to check out these styles further. I think just from looking at the pics that 1) I still love the epi alma 2) LOVE the mulberry 3) I need to continue to research all these fab designers & styles!

    Keep 'em coming if you can think of anything else!

  12. Anything in LV Epi would be a good choice I think. Have you looked at Ferragamo? NM has a great selection on-line and they're classy too.
  13. Love the epi alma!! Perfect for you and your lifestyle!