Need help choosing a Bianca Satchel color!!!

  1. Hey Experts!

    I need some help deciding which color I want my Botkier Bianca Satchel to be. I am saving up for her right now but I do not know which color I really love. So far the cherry and the olive are catching my eye but I still need some help...

    here is the site where they all are, I don't want to take up a ton of space and I am sure that you guys already know all of the colors. I want to stay away from black and brown since I already have those colors. I am looking for something new!!

    THANKS!! ;)
  2. First of all, great choice- you'll be so happy- I adore my Bianca!
    I've seen the cherry IRL and as gorgeous and eye-catching as it is, it has pinker undertones than some other true reds, KWIM? I love olive for this season (on the hunt for one myself) and suggest you get the olive Bianca now and save your red bag for the AC Jet Setter (I see on your wish list) in Ruby..yum yum!!!:flowers:
  3. ^hmmm that is a good suggestion!!!
  4. Which size are you getting? I adore the Cherry colour, but think it works best on a small or medium satchel - if you are going for the large size I would vote for olive..
  5. I think I am going to get the large..I love big big bags!
  6. I have an enormous red handbag that I just think the world of... so the cherry would get my vote!
  7. I like the olive. The pearl cognac looks beautiful too.
  8. I think the olive is gorgeous.
  9. Good choice! I love my large Bianca - the leather on her is so soft and the size is very practical :love:
    What colours do you have in your bag collection already? Do you need something for autumn/winter or a pop of colour - or do one colour appeal more to you than the other? I like the gold hardware on the olive, but the cherry colour is gorgeous! Such a tough decision... :shame:
  10. I vote for the's currently on my wishlist too...

  11. i just got the large pearlized cognac bianca and MAN is it A BEAUTY!!!! :smile: I am in love

    i will admit my medium biancas (i have a gunmetal and a cherry) I adore them they are a great size for every day use, the large is quite quite giant
    but perfect for school :smile: Either way here it is! Excuse my Sloppy PJs

    the second picture you really cant tell how wonderful the color is the 1st one is the best capture of color i could get

    its like a georgeous glittering shiny new penny :smile: But more gold then copper then a penny just amazing!
    or like that perfect glittering gold/brown eyeshadow in a bag! !:smile:
  12. It's a beauty, Bessie! And it looks great on you! Congrats! I bought a large olive on eBay...can't wait till it arrives next week!

  13. thanks girl! :smile: Ohh i havent even seen the olive in person ill bet its gorgeous please post pics!!! I have a few new bags (off to make a thread about it now!)
  14. I don't know what it is with the cognac but I go for that color in Botkier EVERY time!