Need Help Choosing a 09 Fall Color

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  1. I have finally decided on the style of purse I want which is the Giant City with GSH, but I can't decide on the color. This is a once in a lifetime purchase for me so I need to go with a color that I can carry with everything. Other than black I need your suggestions from the 09 Fall Colors. Also where do suggest I begin my shopping for this purse either here in the US or in the UK. I will have to order this either online or over the phone. Look forward to your suggestions on color.
  2. Well, the most neutral & my favorite color is the Galet w/ either GGH or SGH, very easy to wear w/ anything. But you said you're only getting 1 in your lifetime, w/c I doubt & you said except black, I think you should consider black. It's very Classic. Or if Galet is too light for you & you're scared to get it dirty, check the Anthracite. It's dark & awesome w/ GH, very safe too. Goodluck.
  3. Raisin (GRAPE) or Pourpre,, both colors are amazing :yes::yes:
    i dont know exactly where cud be suggestted, i think any reputable shop is ok, but the HN is usually more expensive than others:weird:
  4. i agree with Imlvholic, Anthracite is a safe choice besides black. but i have to say that Raisin is a gorgeous color, my friend has one, and it maches all colors of cloth.
    good luck!
  5. Galet or Athracite hands down! :love:
  6. I have the raisin city and you really can carry it with almost all colors of clothing. But if I were to only have one bag I would probably go with black or anthra as they go with everything and are classic colors that will be around forever. Good luck!
  7. I say go for either the Anthracite or Tempete. They are dark enough so you won't have to worry about them showing dirt and they both go with everything.

    I would suggest contacting Erica and see if she will have either. Or you can always buy from if you live in the US.

    Good Luck! Can't wait to see what you decide on.
  8. There're so many neutral color this fall. I'd go with Anthracite (my 1st choice), then Tempete if you have a cooler tone wardrobe, or Galet for the earth tone color.
  9. I think Raisin is a good choice for a splash of color in your fall wardrobe. It goes just about with everything.
  10. Probably galet.
    In my opionion, bbags are more beautiful when they are colored!
  11. Anthracite would be mine, maybe officer? or black
    I would not get raisin as a first bag, thats just me tho.
  12. If you want a colour you can carry with everything... then I would suggest going for Anthracite. The FW09 Anthracite is a very pretty shade. Good luck!
  13. I am considering Anthracite for the color. I am new to the Purse Forum who is Erica and how do I contact her?

    Thank You :smile:
  14. Go to to see her inventory and for her contact info.
  15. Black, Charbon, Anthracite or Galet! :smile: