Need help!!! Chloe Betty

  1. Hi...

    I've been searching for Chloe Betty (small size) in Silver Metallic. I live in Thailand and there was only medium size:push: . I know it's sold out everywhere but i just wanna try asking whether anyone has seen it:wlae: . Pls advise me:rolleyes: I'm all earsss:yes:

    (saw one on eBay but the price is just too high!!!:shame: )

  2. They are selling them on Net A Porter but they are not in the sale.
  3. gorgeous bag
  4. have u tried eBay?
  5.'s quite expensive...i remember it's like almost $1800
  6. I would highly recommend calling Toni at Nordstrom Mall of America. She can find anything if it can be found.

    Her number is 952-883-2121 ext 1255.

  7. million thanks...really appreciate ur help:heart:
  8. This is the link from Net-a-Porter international site -
    Chloé Betty leather tote - NET-A-PORTER.COM

    I just purchased the black patent version two weeks ago. There is a free shipping code (works for international) and local tax is inclusive. Net-a-porter service is very good.

    I never seen the silver or black patent on sale. NM, Aloha Rag, Chloe Bahrain had the red patent and gold ones on sale before.

    There is also a Chloe Boutique at Terminal 2 of Singapore Changi Airport. I saw a wide selection of mini betty but can't remember if they have silver specifically. The mini betty are around ~US$1300.

  9. thankssss so much...:p
  10. If anyone can find it Toni can--she is amazing!