Need help changing shipping address to confirmed address after payment sent

  1. Okay,I'm a dork! I won an item on eBay that listed it would only be sent to a confirmed address. No problem - my paypal address is confirmed/verified.

    So, I get the invoice, it has my parents address as a shipping address, and I didn't notice that! I sent payment, and the seller contacted me that she cannot ship to that address, as it is uncomfirmed. I've update my address (deleted parent's address) on both my eBay info and paypay account, but their address is showing on her end.

    She's been incredibly helpful - she's willing to send a new invoice with the corrected/current information, but she indicated that paypay would not allow her to deny my original payment, and has asked for me to "cancel" my payment so she can re-send invoice and I can pay again with corrected address. Can't find a way to do this!

    Any suggestions?
  2. Call paypal and ask. She should be able to refund the first payment though - have her go to the bottom of the payment page and it is there. (unless you sent an e-check)
  3. Seller is indicating she cannot do that since the address has been changed after payment. Paypal says she can. I needed to change shipping address to reflect the confirmed address. Paypal says I can't cancel payment - she says I can.

    I'm feeling stuck. She emailed saying she's going to relist within a few days if not resolved. I want to resolve and have tried, but don't know what else I can do at this point.

    I don't want her to leave neg feedback, but don't quite know how to resolve this.

    Should I offer to have her relist as a BIN with the added relisting fees for the inconv. as this was my oversight?
  4. she can refund payment from her end. sounds fishey that she says you can't. Inform her what paypal told you and demand she call paypal herself. I don't understand how she can re-list? she needs to give you your money back first.
  5. I had a similar situation with a buyer awhile back and I refunded her payment and then asked that she confirm her address and then resubmit the payment. It worked out fine. Don't know what this seller's problem is.
  6. your seller is being unreasonable, or she is new on eBay. She can easily go to her paypal account, click refund. And then you re-pay. And very easily, this is solved.
  7. Seller can definitely refund, and you definitely can't cancel the payment. And it's wrong to relist without refunding first.
  8. UPDATE:

    Well, after a day and many emails and phone calls to PayPal, it got worked out! She was stating that the "deny payment" option was grey-ed out and she was not able to fix it. It finally went through last night.

    I think that she was overly freaked out that my address came up as "unconfirmed" and thought I wasn't going to pay, file a claim, fraud, etc... I can understand that, but mistakes DO happen.

    After I sent payment today with the new invoice, she asked for a confirmation email stating that I received the bag, was satisfied, and would not do a chargeback. I tried to assure her again, but at least the payment/shipping issue is resolved. She's just going to have to have some faith that not all e-bayers are scammers.

    Thanks for the input everyone!~ :heart: