Need help... Chanel wallet.. to buy or not to buy?

  1. I know I need to go on a purse ban but not wallet ban, right? I actually know very little about Chanel wallets and the price they go for. But I just saw this one from Personalshoppers and my heart skipped a beat... Do you think it is worth the price? I certainly don't want to pay more than retail if I can locate it somewhere in store. Thanks, ladies!
  2. If that is the style of wallet that you usually carry and you love this one, then, yes, it is worth the price.
  3. I think that the Chanel wallets are beautiful and I keep toying with the idea of buying one in red.

    That said, I have a hard time spending so much on a wallet. I rarely even see my wallet. I keep thinking about how much they retail for (I think the one I want is around $550-600) and I keep thinking how I could spend it on a bag or even shoes... something that I would see more than I see my wallet.

    I think it just comes down to priorities. If you love it and you want it, then it probably be worth it to you.
  4. It's very pretty! You should try to get her to give you the style number and call around.
  5. Thanks, Ladies. I appreciated your feedbacks. $500 on a wallet is not a small amount. I probably would rather go to the store to see it IRL and try other colors too. Plus I can either take advantage of Saks gift card event or accumulate points on my NM card.
  6. I know the prices from personalshoppers are almost always higher than retail. So maybe you could check the wallet out at the stores first? I dont think its hard to find this wallet. :yes:
  7. This is my wallet, also a bifold:


    retail price €290 / approx. $395
  8. Fantastic wallet - I think you should buy:smile:
  9. I like the color of the wallet.
  10. I have seen this at most of the boutiques that I have gone to. check out the retail price before you buy. It might be better to buy directly from the store. It is lovely irl!
  11. sooo i see that it ended, did u buy it :yahoo:
    i think it's sooo pretty

  12. It's very nice.
  13. i like it but i agree $500 is a lot.
  14. I didn't buy it. I really liked it but for that much on a wallet I want to see it IRL and try different colors if available. I probably won't buy a couple of them so it has to be the one. :rolleyes:
  15. i'm crossing mmy finger so u would get the right wallet in the right price at the right time :yes: